“What Are The Best Foods To Eat?” Why You Need To Stop Asking Me And How To End This Madness


When someone decides they want to lose weight, build muscle, or whatever else (actually it's almost always one of those two things so...never mind), they know that nutrition will play a critical role in their journey. And you know how I can tell, almost instantly, if someone is a beginner or not? It's if they ask this one question, "What are the best foods to eat?" My canned response to this question I get this question so often via email that I even created a canned response so that I … [Read more...]

What Workout Routine Should I Do To Lose Weight Or Build Muscle?


Picking the right workout routine is a hotly debated subject. You have guys on one end of the spectrum saying that you should train 5-6x per week in order to build muscle and get ripped but on the other hand you have the "minimalist" training guys who think training 5x per week is the worst thing in the world and you should only train 1-3x per week. So who's right and who's wrong? Neither side is right. The thing about training is, it's all dependent on your current situation and … [Read more...]

7 Reasons I’m Done Living The “Fitness Lifestyle”


Fitness is something I rarely think about anymore. Which is pretty weird to say since I make my living writing about fitness and selling workout programs but the days of thinking about my workout and diet are gone. Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy training and lifting heavy weights. I still watch my diet and eat well for both my health and body composition. But my days of spending 5x per week in the gym, labeling myself as the "paleo" or "if it fits your macros" guy, and just … [Read more...]

The “Whey Chug” Trick That Makes Getting Enough Protein Effortless


If you think you can build an impressive physique without a decent amount of protein, then you're just fooling yourself. Show me someone who's built a lean and muscular physique on a super low protein diet and I'll Paypal you $100 right now. Seriously. And protein's awesome. Some of the tastiest foods on this planet are protein...like steak. Don't like steak? Well then...fuck you. Just kidding ,we can still be friends. Protein helps you build muscle, gain strength, and maintain … [Read more...]

How To Use The “Ready, Fire, Aim” Technique To Crush Any Goal


One of the best books I’ve read recently is called Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson. It’s more of a business book and how to grow a wildly successful business than anything else (it really has nothing to do with fitness) but the lessons taught are applicable to anyone with ambitious goals, including those who want to transform their physique. The premise of the book revolves around a concept called “Ready, Fire, Aim” which basically states: Anytime you want to reach a goal quickly, … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Must Lift Heavy Ass Weights


A few days ago I finally hit a personal record on weighted chin ups at 140 pounds for 4 reps (actually, 5 reps but the last rep was kind messy) at a bodyweight of 183 pounds. 140 pound Chin up for 4 reps (5 reps but last rep was messy) at 183 pound bodyweight. #chinup #weightedchinup #fitmole #superheroshredding A video posted by Keith Lai (@fitmole) on Dec 12, 2014 at 8:33am PST So total, I'm pulling a raw 323 pounds. Most lat pull down machines only go up to 200 … [Read more...]

7 Questions With YouTube Fitness Superstar Matty Fusaro

matt fusaro 1

The following is an interview I did with Matty Fusaro and FusaroFitness. Matty runs one of the most popular Youtube channels on fitness with over 78,000 followers and a huge fan base. I love Matt for his no BS approach to transforming your body. Enjoy the interview. 1. What’s up, Matty!  So how did you get started in working out? What motivated you? My entire life ever since I was a kid I was athletic and involved in sports, but in my early teens my love for food and overindulging took … [Read more...]

Stop Trying To Fucking Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time


If I went through my email inbox right now and sorted out all the questions I got, they would look something like this: 20% - I'm overweight, how can I lose weight? 10% - I'm skinny, how can I gain weight? 5% - Various questions on supplements, training, and nutrition 5% - I'm a hot and sexy single in your area, want to bang? 60% - How do I build muscle and lose fat at the same time? See something interesting with the above? The majority of people I know want to lose fat and … [Read more...]

Eating One Meal A Day: A Stupidly Easy Way To Lose Weight?


  Few people have yet to experience the glory that is eating one meal a day. No, eating one meal per day won't make you fat. It won't give you make you lose all your muscle. But it does allow you to feast like a fucking king every single night. Hell, if you've struggled with more traditional diets that make you eat anywhere from 3-6 meals per day, then this may be the most stupidly simple way for you to successfully lose weight ever! If you've dreamed of eating 24 … [Read more...]

Abs Are NOT Made In The Kitchen: The Truth About How To Get Ripped Abs


In this crazy, fucked up world of fitness, there are 2 groups of people when it comes to getting ripped abs. Group 1: Getting a ripped six pack is all about diet. Group 2: Getting a ripped six pack is all about your workout and the exercises you do. And then there's crazy Group 3 who thinks it's all about genetics. Which group do I belong in? Well I used to belong in Group 1. Up until a few years ago, I believed that getting a six pack and super shredded abs was all about dieting. … [Read more...]