5 Reasons You Must Lift Heavy Ass Weights


A few days ago I finally hit a personal record on weighted chin ups at 140 pounds for 4 reps (actually, 5 reps but the last rep was kind messy) at a bodyweight of 183 pounds. 140 pound Chin up for 4 reps (5 reps but last rep was messy) at 183 pound bodyweight. #chinup #weightedchinup #fitmole #superheroshredding A video posted by Keith Lai (@fitmole) on Dec 12, 2014 at 8:33am PST So total, I'm pulling a raw 323 pounds. Most lat pull down machines only go up to 200 … [Read more...]

7 Questions With YouTube Fitness Superstar Matty Fusaro

matt fusaro 1

The following is an interview I did with Matty Fusaro and FusaroFitness. Matty runs one of the most popular Youtube channels on fitness with over 78,000 followers and a huge fan base. I love Matt for his no BS approach to transforming your body. Enjoy the interview. 1. What’s up, Matty!  So how did you get started in working out? What motivated you? My entire life ever since I was a kid I was athletic and involved in sports, but in my early teens my love for food and overindulging took … [Read more...]

Stop Trying To Fucking Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time


If I went through my email inbox right now and sorted out all the questions I got, they would look something like this: 20% - I'm overweight, how can I lose weight? 10% - I'm skinny, how can I gain weight? 5% - Various questions on supplements, training, and nutrition 5% - I'm a hot and sexy single in your area, want to bang? 60% - How do I build muscle and lose fat at the same time? See something interesting with the above? The majority of people I know want to lose fat and … [Read more...]

Eating One Meal A Day: A Stupidly Easy Way To Lose Weight?


  Few people have yet to experience the glory that is eating one meal a day. No, eating one meal per day won't make you fat. It won't give you make you lose all your muscle. But it does allow you to feast like a fucking king every single night. Hell, if you've struggled with more traditional diets that make you eat anywhere from 3-6 meals per day, then this may be the most stupidly simple way for you to successfully lose weight ever! If you've dreamed of eating 24 … [Read more...]

Abs Are NOT Made In The Kitchen: The Truth About How To Get Ripped Abs


In this crazy, fucked up world of fitness, there are 2 groups of people when it comes to getting ripped abs. Group 1: Getting a ripped six pack is all about diet. Group 2: Getting a ripped six pack is all about your workout and the exercises you do. And then there's crazy Group 3 who thinks it's all about genetics. Which group do I belong in? Well I used to belong in Group 1. Up until a few years ago, I believed that getting a six pack and super shredded abs was all about dieting. … [Read more...]

How To Build Muscle Without Weights: Interview With Todd Kuslikis

Muscular Gymnast

Can you build muscle with weights? For years, everyone thought this was impossible. But what if I told you that building muscle didn't require you to be able to squat 500 pounds and that you could build muscle just as efficiently with nothing but your own bodyweight? That would be the best thing since sliced bread, right? I got to sit down and talk with Todd Kuslikis, a bodyweight expert (and creator of Bodyweight Overload) who specializes in helping people build muscle with only … [Read more...]

Chris Pratt Workout For Guardians Of The Galaxy: 8 Secrets To Getting Super Ripped


While body transformations in Hollywood are nothing new, what Chris Pratt did in 6 months to prepare for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty amazing. Chris went from looking fat and sloppy to sporting a lean and chiseled physique. So a lot of guys are probably wondering how they can duplicate Pratt's results. Getting a ripped body like Chris Pratt isn't rocket science. It's just a matter of eating healthy and training hard. But there's so much BS out there when it comes to … [Read more...]

The Truth About Sprinters vs. Marathon Runners


If you're even slightly into fitness and have been interneting on the internet for the past few years, you've do doubt come across the picture below. To summarize the picture above: Marathon runners = skinny, weak, no muscle, pale. Sprinters = lean, ripped, muscular, dark and handsome. But there are some huge misconceptions about sprinting and running which I cover below. Running does not make you lose muscle. This is the most popular myth that a lot of fitness pros love to spread. … [Read more...]

1 Simple Trick To Get Stronger At Any Exercise


After lifting for a while, you're inevitably going to hit some strength and muscle plateaus. But luckily, I'm going to show you what is hands down the easiest and most simply way to dramatically increase your strength on any exercise. The BIG problem with bro splits The typical bodybuilder bro split looks something like this: Monday - Chest Tues - Back Wed - Leg Thurs - Shoulders Friday - Arms ...or some variation of that. While this may be fine for guys who are juicing or … [Read more...]

Why I Hate Training Arms


Okay, 'hate' is a strong word but I'm really not a huge fan of direct arm training. While most guys would love nothing more than to do 10 sets of bicep curls each workout, I just don't find direct arm exercises to be all that exciting or effective for that matter. The 2 main problem with direct arm exercises: Progression sucks on direct arm exercises For example, let's take a dumbbell curl for example. Most guys start off by curling 20-30 pounds, then within a year they're up at 50 … [Read more...]