Why “Eat Less, Move More” Is Crap Advice (For Most People)

eat less move more

Logically, telling someone who’s fat that they should “eat less, move ” makes sense. It’s like telling someone addicted to hoers and cocaine, “Hey man, you should stop banging hoers and doing so much ce. It’s like telling an alcoholic to “Stop drinking so much bro, it’s bad for you.” So basically, it’s common sense. […]

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  • Keith
  • Updated August 9, 2016

Dammit Sarah, You Plant Eating Motherf*cker

plant based diet hippie

I recently received a comment on an article I wrote all the way back in 2011, Answering Every God Damn Question You Have About Weight Loss (you can view the original comment on there if you want).  It’s a super old post and some of my thoughts on weight loss have changed since that post. But 95% […]

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  • Keith
  • Updated May 11, 2016

7 Reasons Your Workout Sucks Balls

Sometimes you can put in weeks, months, even years in the gym. And that glorious room of sweat, iron, and half naked dudes just won’t give back. Here’s a 7 reasons why, your workout might not be producing the results you want: You’re not progressing As ridiculous as some workouts are, most will produce results if […]

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  • Keith
  • Updated May 9, 2016
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