The Best Pre Workout Supplement For Less Than 5 Bucks

Best Pre-Workout Supplement coffee

Let’s face it: Most preworkout supplements are nothing but over hyped bullshit.

Whether it’s the latest Super Ultra Mega Pumper Cobra 8000 that just hit the market, or some new patented blend concocted by ancient Chinese scientists, most preworkout supplements are nothing but over hyped shiny containers.

But what if I told you there was a preworkout supplement that did 90% of what your current expensive supplement does and it does it for less than 5 bucks?

This preworkout is in my opinion the best preworkout supplement because it makes up the foundation of all the expensive preworkouts you see on the market at only the fraction of the price.

So what’s the best pre-workout supplement?

Caffeine. More specifically caffeine pills.

If you already take any pre-workout supplement, then I guarantee it already has caffeine in it. Just look at the label of any preworkout supplement, and I guarantee you’ll find caffeine in there.

Caffeine is the foundation of all preworkout supplements and it is what drives the energy boost people feel when they take any conventional preworkout supplement.

This is why I recommend caffeine pills – because by taking caffeine pills you’re getting 90% of the benefits of a preworkout supplement at a fraction of the cost. When most people go to the gym, they simply need an energy boost to wake them up and caffeine pills are perfect for this.

They’re basically coffee on steroids.

So are actual preworkout supplements useless?

Well it really depends.

Not all preworkout supplements are as evil as I make them out to be. Granted there are some popular ingredients in preworkouts that have been shown to be effective.

For example, beta-alanine has been shown to improve muscular endurance and reduce fatigue. While L-tyrosine has been shown to increase energy when combined with caffeine.

But honestly, if you don’t want to stress out over the complicated scientific details of what you should and shouldn’t take before a workout then just take a damn caffeine pill.

Because like I said, caffeine is in all preworkout supplements and it gets the job done.

How much should you take?

It depends.

Most caffeine pills come in doses of 200 mg of caffeine per pill so start with this.

So take the caffeine pill and wait about 10-15 minutes, if you don’t feel the effects and energy boost kick in, then bump it up to 300 mg (cut the pill in half).

I definitely don’t recommend jumping to 400 mg right away. I’ve tried this multiple times and while you get an insane energy rush, you experience a pretty nasty crash after the workout along with a “I’m going to puke” feeling that lasts about 30 minutes. Note: I take my caffeine pills fasted so that could explain the crash effects after the workout.

Some notes about caffeine pills

Look, I’m not a doctor but caffeine pills are super concentrated forms of caffeine. So use some common sense like:

  • Caffeine pills are essentially super concentrated forms of caffeine. One 200 mg pills is the same as drinking 2 cups of coffee so don’t be stupid with this stuff.
  • Can you take too much caffeine? Yes, but I wouldn’t worry unless you begin to hit upwards of 1000 mg in a single day. But I don’t see any reason why you would do that. Most people shouldn’t need more than 500 mg MAX to have a great workout.

So what do you guys think? Do you think caffeine pills are the best preworkout supplement? Do you take caffeine pills? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Bud says

    Great article. I’ve been taking caffeine pills for about 6 months now as a pre workout. Works great and much more cheaper then the other stuff lol

  2. Den says

    Hello! I am on a intermittent fasting, and i have to workout at 8am in the morning, while i am still fasting, may i take a fatburn because it include caffeine inside before workout? I use dyma-burn extreme.

  3. says

    Interesting article because I tried a pre-workout drink for my kung fu class last week. It was called somethingh like NO3ZCG9, contains caffeine and it worked great. It was a 3 hour kung fu session and I was focused the whole time and breezed through it.

    The downside, and I am not sure whether it was the caffeine, but I have been wasted for about three days after using it. Maybe I was overtraining but funny coincidence after using this that I felt completely fatigued. I am going to use it again next monday and see if I get the same after-effects. If so I am probably better off not using it.

  4. Craig says

    Good article. I’ve tried a lot of supplements over the years and basically narrowed it down to caffeine and beta alanine. I also take a multi-vitamin, fish oil and whey/casein protein. Have you tried this one yet? I’m thinking about trying it, but I’m sick of throwing money away on the latest, greatest supplement.

  5. Mary Dr says

    I would work out everyday and be really sore the next morning when I woke up. Since I have been taking Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack I have been waking up refreshed and ready to hit it again. The Dr Max Powers Stack gives me a lot of energy and that extra little push in the gym. I have been taking 1 packet per day and it has been going great. I plan to increase scoops next week to see what happens, Im anxious!!

  6. seth says

    I was taking a pre workout supplement called Amplified Muscle Igniter 4x. It was a GNC product. It contained 400 mg of caffeine and is in pill form. Been taking it for years. Now I’m struggling really bad to find a replacement. I need 400 mgs, so I’m very tolerant to the most amount of caffeine in pills. They were discontinued because some people had bad reactions to it. I never had bad reactions to it. But anyways, since I’m tolerant to 400 mg of caffeine, could the caffeine pills still cause an after workout crash to me?

    • Keith says

      I don’t know how you will react. You can try it out. All I remember is when I take more than 300 mg, I want to throw up haha.

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