High Carb Fat Loss

How to Get As Lean As You Desire WITHOUT Giving Up Carbs

What You'll Learn Inside:

Why High Carb Diets Are The Secret To Better Health

Learn about a doctor who SUCCESSFULLY treats diabetic patients with a specific high carb diet. After switching to this special diet, many of his patients no longer find the need for insulin or oral medication.

The Secret To Eating more carbs to lose MORE weight

Examination of studies where people ate 5,000+ calorie days and 2,000+ calorie meals and STILL had a tough time getting the body to store carbs as fat.

Why You Don't Need To Track Protein Intake To Get Lean 

Mark (the creator of High Carb Fat Loss) doesn’t even track protein and believes “PROTEIN guilt”is the #1 reason people have a tough time getting lean. The amount of protein it takes to maintain muscle while dropping body fat.

Hint: it’s less than you think.

The Brains Behind High Carb Fat Loss

Rusty Moore

Founder, Visual Impact Fitness (And Fashion Model Advisor) 

Rusty was one of the first fitness bloggers I followed online. With his speciality being in helping men and women add muscle definition while staying slim enough to fit into stylish clothing. His unique "definition without excess size" approach to fitness is perfect for anyone who wants that lean and muscular GQ look. 

Mark Kislich

Personal Trainer To Olympic Athletes 

Born in the beautiful country of Iceland, Mark has helped elite athletes reach peak performance using his unconventional "high carb" fat loss approach. Not only is Mark in his mid-40s, he walks around at an uber lean 8% body fat year round while getting the majority of his calories from carbs. Quite the contrarian indeed.