Visual impact kettlebells™

How to burn fat and sculpt a badass physique with just one single kettlebell

Just A Taste Of What You'll Learn Inside:

How to Build your dream body with just one kettlebell

Discover how to to get an incredible full body workout with just one single kettlebell (and the #1 TIP for picking out the perfect kettlebell weight).

Russian Kettlebell training secrets 

Why kettlebells have been the preferred method of training in Russia for 300+ years. In fact, in 1913 a Russian magazine reported: “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics.”

How to use kettlebell Training to replace traditional cardio

Kettlebell lifts performed in the right way are one of the best ways to torch calories. Discover why you don’t  have to do traditional “cardio exercises” to burn calories and lose body fat.

The Brains Behind Visual Impact kettleBells

Rusty Moore

Founder, Visual Impact Fitness (And Fashion Model Advisor) 

Rusty was one of the first fitness bloggers I followed online. With his speciality being in helping men and women add muscle definition while staying slim enough to fit into stylish clothing. His unique "definition without excess size" approach to fitness is perfect for anyone who wants that lean and muscular GQ look. 

Chris Lopez

Personal Trainer And Kettlebell Expert

Chris Lopez is one of the world’s top kettlebell experts. He lives in a remote surfing village on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and his only piece of workout equipment is the kettlebell. He’s been training with kettlebells since 2003 and has received his Russian Kettlebell certification directly from Pavel Tsatsouline (world renowned trainer to special forces soldiers and featured on Joe Rogan). In other words, Chris is as legit as they come when it comes to kettlebell training.