Does Gaining Muscle Really Speed Up Your Metabolism??

If someone asked me how do you speed up your metabolism, I would tell them to do the following:**

1) Find a random person on the street.

2) Knock out the person with chloroform or with a judo chop and take their body back to your place.

3) Cut open their body with a ninja sword and remove their heart.

4) Kindly ask a friend to put the person’s heart inside of you.

5) Dispose of the body by feeding it to your pet tiger or by throwing it into an alligator lake.

I might be wrong, but last time I checked, the average person only has 1 heart, so what does having 2 hearts do for you? I don’t know if you know, but about 80% of your metabolic rate comes from your organs such as your heart, liver, and kidney.

The other 20% is made up of bones, fat, and muscle. So if you had an extra heart, your metabolic rate would shoot through the roof. NOW THAT’S HOW YOU SPEED UP YOUR METABOLISM.

Speed up metabolism

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