Does Gaining Muscle Really Speed Up Your Metabolism??

March 25, 2014 | 6 Comments

If someone asked me how do you speed up your metabolism, I would tell them to do the following:**

1) Find a random person on the street.

2) Knock out the person with chloroform or with a judo chop and take their body back to your place.

3) Cut open their body with a ninja sword and remove their heart.

4) Kindly ask a friend to put the person’s heart inside of you.

5) Dispose of the body by feeding it to your pet tiger or by throwing it into an alligator lake.

I might be wrong, but last time I checked, the average person only has 1 heart, so what does having 2 hearts do for you? I don’t know if you know, but about 80% of your metabolic rate comes from your organs such as your heart, liver, and kidney.

The other 20% is made up of bones, fat, and muscle. So if you had an extra heart, your metabolic rate would shoot through the roof. NOW THAT’S HOW YOU SPEED UP YOUR METABOLISM.

Speed up metabolism

Getting ready to steal your heart

Does having more muscle speed up your metabolism?

Okay, I get it, you’re not into kidnapping people and stealing their hearts. That’s cool. Well… you can always try to gain muscle to speed up your metabolism like all the fitness pros say. But there’s a slight problem with that.

One pound of muscle only increases your metabolism by about 5 calories according to a study done by the American Council On Exercise. That’s a lot less than the typical 10-15 calories that most fitness pros say.

So if a person gains 10 or even 20 pounds of muscle, that only increases their metabolism by 100 calories, which grants them the ability to eat 1 extra slice of bread per day. Hooray!!

Oh and BTW, did you know that gaining body fat increases your metabolism as well. It’s true, gaining one pound of body fat increases your metabolism by 2 calories, so in a sense, you can lose fat by gaining fat(but don’t do that).

Don’t try to lose weight by gaining muscle

When you try to lose weight, you should ONLY be focused on losing weight, nothing else. Many people think that gaining muscle speeds up their metabolism and allows them to eat anything they want.

In fact, you would have to gain 100 pounds of lean muscle in order lose 1 pound of fat per week, and this is impossible to do even with steroids. Bottom line: Use muscle to shape and strengthen your body, not burn fat.

So the next time you’re asked “How do you speed up your metabolism?”, you know what to say:)

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

**Note: Please note that kidnapping a person, stealing their heart, and having your friend put it inside of you is illegal in pretty much every country and planet. Doing so will probably get you arrested and killed. I take no responsibility for any of your actions.

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  1. You could always use a pig’s heart if your conscience gets the best of you. Either way better make sure that friend has the right skills to do the job or you’ll have a metabolic rate of zero!

    1. Hey Aaron, thanks for stopping by.
      Interesting idea on the pig heart, but I’m not entirely 100% sure if a pig heart can fully sustain a human’s life.  I have tried using a sabertooth tiger’s heart before, but I had really bad chest pain after the surgery:)

  2. Nice job tackling the fallacy that you should gain muscle to speed up your metabolism.  Obviously every little bit helps but it’s probably a lot easier to cut 5 calories from your diet than focus on gaining muscle mass.

    1. Haha, yes you are absolutely right. Gaining a pound of muscle just isn’t worth it when it comes to burning fat, but If you cut 5 calories from your diet, you won’t even notice it.

      Thanks for stopping by Dave!

  3. Actually you dont need to kill anyone to increase your metabolism (i know right! 🙂 ) nice idea though but thankfully i have a high metabolism myself (no jealousy please).

    It makes sense and i totally agree with you that gaining muscles could boost your metabolism, i mean if you think about it, metabolism is just about burning calories that your body needs for activities right?
    Then if you have more muscles wont you then have more activities for your body to burn calories for?

    Rylan Mede

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