Joe Manganiello Workout Routine For True Blood

Note: This is a workout I wrote a few months back, but the exact same principles apply when trying to get a body like Joe Manganiello in Magic MIke. Also this is part of my Magic Mike workout series – click here to get more workouts to build a body that women love.

I must say, Joe Manganiello has a very impressive body. If I ever made a list of the most lean and ripped physiques in Hollywood, Joe would definitely be in the top ten.

His body is the type of body that most guys should strive for, really lean and defined but not overly muscular.

What’s funny is before Joe landed a role on the awesome show True Blood (you guys gotta watch it), Joe said that when he worked out, he would simply try to get as big as humanly possible. He would be working out way too much and would be eating way too many calories, which in the end just made him look more fat than muscular.

But as Alcide, Joe really leaned down and now has one of the most impressive physiques in Hollywood.

Joe Manganiello Workout

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Why You Will Never Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Fitness goals

We are so used to our bodies looking like a certain way, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we like how we look.

As humans, we follow a loosely set routine and like to do the same things over and over. We wake up at X o’clock each day, exercise X times per week, eat approximately X amount of calories per day, and masturbate X amount of times per hour day. If we go any lower, or in some cases higher than that X amount, we feel different. We feel tired, groggy, and for lack of a better word, like crap.

If you’re a man who has been eating 3000 calories per day for the past 10 years of his life, how do you think you’ll feel if you decide to lose weight and suddenly drop those calories down to 2000 all of a sudden. Well you’re going to feel… uncomfortable. You’re going to hate the fact that you have to stop at 2 slices of pizza when you usually eat 4.

And when you finally realize that getting your dream body means that you’ll never be able to have your daily 3000 calorie, then you’re going to be scared shitless.

Fitness goals

Everything revolves around food

Many people don’t realize this, but most of our lives revolve around food.

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How Much Water Should You Drink a Day – My Surprising Findings

How much water should you drink a day? Most people you ask these days will say that you need to drink at least 6-8 glasses per day. But is this really true?

In all 20 years of my existence, I’ve been told by doctors, parents, and teachers that you NEED to drink 6-8 glasses of water every single day otherwise you risk the chance of dehydrating your body.

How Much Water Should You Drink a Day
Oh no, she spilled. Now she won’t get her 6-8 cup minimum.

I never liked being told that I have to drink a “mandatory” amount of water each day, so I decided to do a little digging and actually found some surprising information behind how much water should you drink a day.

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