Be Legendary – 9 Questions With Chad Howse

Today I’m super excited to share an interview that got to do with Chad Howse.

Whereas most fitness bloggers simply write about how to eat and train, Chad takes to the next level and incorporates a lot more motivational and mindset content into his site.  And this is what 90% of hitting your fitness goals is all about – creating the right mindset and having the motivation to push forward no matter what.

Enjoy the interview!

Chad Howse

1) First off thanks for doing this interview Chad. So to start off, can you give us a brief overview of who you are and what you do?

No problem Keith, thanks for setting it up.

For the past year or so my life’s focused around my site and the mission with the site: helping 1 million guys build their dream body, and dream life. Unlike a lot of other fitness sites, I don’t only focus on fitness, but bring a lot of lifestyle content to my reader’s as well.

The name of the site explains it best: be legendary. unconventional tactics for fitness, life and work.

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Bodyweight Training, Animals, And Jumping Off Buildings – An Interview With Mike Fitch

Global Bodyweight Training

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Fitch of Global Bodyweight Training, who also placed #3 in the Top 50 Social Media Fitness Bloggers contest.

What drew me to Mike was his incredibly unique approach to bodyweight training. Whereas most trainers simply recommend the same old push up and pull up, Mike really goes above and beyond these standard exercises and shows you that you don’t need weights to build a lean, ripped, and incredibly functional physique.

Enjoy the interview!

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