It’s Time To Rise Up

March 25, 2014 | 23 Comments


I want you to look awesome.

I want you to wake up in the morning and not feel like crap.

I want you to look in the mirror and say “Damn, I can’t believe that’s me.”

I want modeling agents to offer you gigs.

I want you to streak naked across town, flaunting your newfound physique.

I want you to be that person everyone at the gym asks for advice.

I want to see your body on the cover of magazines.

I want you to tell me how much money you wasted on clothes because your old ones don’t fit anymore.

I want you to raise your middle finger up high and proud to everyone who said you couldn’t do it.

I want you to stop paying for cholesterol medication. I want you doctor to say your blood work is a-okay.

I want you to build a body that’s so ridiculously hot that it makes your ex cry themselves to sleep.

I want you to be the .50 cal sniper rifle that blows the fucking head off mediocrity.

If you get sent to prison, I want you to be person everyone wants to rape (hey it’s a great honor).

Show me your amazing before and after pictures. I want you to inspire others that it is possible.

Show me your rock hard six-pack.

Smother my face in your tight butt cheeks.

Tell me about how you were ‘the talk’ of your family reunion.

Invite me to the bonfire where you burn all your fat clothes in a giant fiery inferno.

But before all this can happen… you need to put in the work. And fuck me silly, it is A LOT of work. 

You need to have a work ethic that parallels Steve Jobs.

You need to be consistent.

You need to train even when you don’t feel like training.

You need to watch your diet when surrounded by office doughnut zombies.

You need to stop trying to be “just good enough.”

You need to do join the minority of those who are willing to do whatever it takes.

Stop aiming to be normal.

Stop trying to be average.

Stop conforming to society’s standards. Most people are overweight and look like crap, so why stoop to their level?

Stop giving a flying fuck about what others think. Don’t let people tell you that you look ‘fine.’ Your goal isn’t to look fine, your goal is to look exceptional.

Don’t fantasize about having the bodies of Chris Evans and Jessica Biel. Give it your best and put them to shame.

Don’t have time to train? Then make the fucking time. Stop wasting time on YouTube.  Stop stalking people you barely know on Facebook. No matter how hectic your life is, trust me, you have time. You just make shitty choices.

Get your ass to the gym and pay your dues in grunts and sweat.

Also, be realistic. Achieving awesomeness is not an overnight process, no matter what those late night infomercials say.

And let’s talk about desires. If you don’t want this bad enough, then you’re not going to get it. You need to want this as bad as a zebra wants to outrun a lion. Because if your desire for success isn’t strong enough, then even the slightest pitfall is going to destroy you.

The time is now – RISE UP and join the 1% of those who actually give a damn and have a physique that epitomizes success.

So what do you plan to do now? Drop a comment below and tell me how you plan on taking action to rise up and get the body of your dreams.

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  1. My favorite line:
    You need to stop trying to be “just good enough.”

    More people need to listen to this. Just good enough = average, and average = invisible, and invisible = forgotten

    great post

  2. That was amazing, timely and asswhipping cool. I am actually and actor myself and now I want that body that gets me on the cover of Men’s Health. For reminding me its not ok to be okay-It’s necessary to be exceptional

  3. Question-so a workout template like 5/3/1 would be more useful than a HIT training with high reps according to your book recommendations for the celebrity body? Or would boxing and bodyweight conditioning be sufficient?

    1. I would avoid high reps at first and I never recommended the 5/3/1 template. It’s a good workout, but it’s probably not the best option for a celebrity body. Just stick with the lifting as explained in the book.

  4. I like it! Personally I’m shooting for the lean male model look not the Men’s Health cover look but hey we all have our goals! Very motivational post.

  5. Don’t beat around the bush, Keith – what are you trying to say? 😉

    Seriously though, great post bro! It’s times like these that I’m glad I’m a regular visitor to FitMole!

  6. I love it when you swear it gets me all riled up at my desk 🙂 In my own efforts to push it lately, I’ve been doing a short series of plank holds, burpees and squats every morning before I leave the bedroom. Just to get my heart pumping and make me feel alive. It’s awesome, and I start the day off in the best mood.

  7. When you work out really hard and at the same time you don’t have a goal and you do not care about what other people comment about your looks, then you are “there”. You made it. Enjoy the act of doing it. Enjoy the process.

  8. MAN i am movitated do you have newsletters? that is awesome i want to print this out and put on my vision board and read it every day thank you keep them comming

  9. This was a jarring, yet inspirational post. Three days ago I made the decision and this post found its way to me. I cannot yet articulate the plan but I will by this weekend.

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