Getting Ripped With Incline Cardio – Interview With Clay Rogers

Update 10/7: Unfortunately Clay has decided to close Incline Cardio to the public due to personal reasons. But there’s still a ton of actionable, useful info below so be sure to read the interview.

If you frequent my blog, then you know I hate all that flashy fluff and marketing BS.

So you can imagine how shocked I was when I stumbled upon Clay Rogers and his Incline Cardio approach to fat loss. Clay and I share similar philosophies and approaches to getting lean and building a celebrity physique so check out the interview below where I drilled Clay on his approach to cardio and why it’s such a great way to burn fat and even build your six-pack.

Cardio for fat loss

1) First off thanks for doing this interview, Clay. Can you give us a brief summary about yourself?

Well, the first thing I’m always quick to point out when asked to do that is, “I’m in no way a ‘fitness expert’ or ‘guru’…hell, I’m not even certified in anything fitness-related.”

So, there you go. My life is primarily lived outside the gym.

What I am is basically just a persistent nerd. When I want something, I just don’t give up on it until I’ve got it totally figured out – and getting six-pack lean and proportionally muscular (in the “underwear model” or “Hollywood actor playing a superhero” kind of way) was one of those ideas I got hooked on a long time ago.

As in, years ago.

But despite researching my butt off and perfectly applying every single tactic I could find…from the “basics” to the most “cutting-edge” research available…my results were always dismal. Embarrassingly dismal. Nowhere near what I wanted.

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