Charlie Hunnam Workout Routine And Diet: 5 Unconventional Tips To Building A Warrior’s Physique

charlie hunnam workout

By now you’ve probably seen Charlie Hunnam’s physique.

He was looking very lean in King Arthur.

If you want to build a similar physique, I’m about to share without 5 unconventional tips to help you build a body like Charlie Hunnam.

Now, I must warn you, these are not your conventional fitness tips.

I’m not going to tell you to drink more water to hydrate your skin or any of that 40-year old soccer mom crap.

Not saying drinking water is bad, but who the fuck doesn’t know that?

I’m going to lay out the tips that the fitness magazines and mainstream media refuse to talk about.

Follow these tips and I promise it’ll make your fitness journey to building a sleek physique like Charlie Hunnam 10x simpler.

Unconventional tip #1: Use whey chugs to handle the majority of your protein intake

I covered my whey chug method here in detail.

Basically, it’s where you use whey protein powder to hit the majority of your protein intake for the day.

Now you might ask, why?

Because I recommend people to get at least 0.7 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.

I actually recommend 0.8 if you’re a bit more advanced and have some lifting experience under your belt. 

So let’s say you weigh 180 pounds.

This means that you need to get a minimum of 126 grams of protein per day (0.7 * 180).

126 isn’t necessarily a lot of protein.

But it’s also not so little that it comes naturally for the average dude.

This is why I like whey chugs.

You can wake up, chug down 1-2 scoops of whey protein and now you’re already at 30-50% of your daily protein intake.

As long as you’re not eating just rice the rest of the day, hitting your protein now becomes effortless.

Unconventional tip #2: Only workout 2-3x per week

I’m not saying this to tell you to be lazy.

If you enjoy working out more, go for it.

But all I’m saying is, if you want to just workout 2-3x per week and still build muscle and get leaner, it’s 100% possible.

And I only say this because Charlie Hunnam doesn’t have a ton of muscle.

He’s just really lean.

And when you’re lean, you give off the illusion that you have more muscle than you really do.

So let’s say you do workout just 2x per week.

In that case, I recommend following an upper/lower or full body split.

If you follow an upper/lower split, it would look like this:

Day 1: Upper body (chest, back, shoulders, arms)

Day 2: Lower body (quads, hams, glutes, calves, abs)

If you follow a full-body split, it would look like this:

Day 1: Bench press, Squat, Pull-up

Day 2: Overhead press, Deadlift, Row Variation

However if you want to pack on a bit more muscle, I highly recommend training at 3x per week.

That’s a good sweet spot between training frequency and real-life practicality.

Here’s a sample routine you could follow.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=”Charlie Hunnam workout: 3-day sample workout”]


For example, “Back squat: 3/6-8/2” means you do 3 sets of squats for 6-8 reps per set, and rest 2 min. in between sets.

Workout A
  • Back squat: 3/6-8/2
  • Incline bench press: 3/6-8/2
  • Weighted pull-up: 3/6-8/2
Workout B
  • Deadlift: 3/6-8/2
  • Barbell row: 3/8-10/2
  • Standing shoulder press: 3/6-8/2

With this plan you’re constantly rotating between workouts A and B.

This means on Week 1 you do:

  • Mon: Workout A
  • Wed: Workout B
  • Fri: Workout A

And on Week 2 you do:

  • Mon: Workout B
  • Wed: Workout A
  • Fri: Workout B

And so on….


Unconventional tip #3: Eat one big ass meal per day

One of my favorite ways of dieting involves eating just one giant meal per day

It flies in the face of most conventional Hollywood dieting advice where the actor eats 6-8 small meals per day of perfectly portioned brown rice and chicken.

But man…

If you haven’t tried eating once per day, you gotta try it.

It will change your life, no lie.

Unconventional tip #4: Have a beer (or doughnut)

“Eat more lean meats, fruits, veggies” 

“Drink more water.” 

“Take your vitamins.” 

Blah blah blah.

That’s all sound advice.

But what about the cool shit like beer and doughnuts.

Bring those up in any conversation about getting losing and most people will tell you to stop eating that shit.

Now I’m not advocating a diet made up of junk food….

But I’m also not advocating a diet where you cut that shit out 100% from your life.

I’m a big believer in sustainable realistic eating.

And when you hear about how all these celebrities are getting in shape by cutting all the delicious fun foods out from their life, you gotta ask yourself – is it really worth it?

Instead of just eliminating certain foods from your diet, wouldn’t it be better to just eat them in moderation?

Here’s my point – if you want a doughnut, have a doughnut.

Just don’t follow the typical “fat boy habit” of eating half a dozen every morning.

Practice moderation and you’ll be successful.

Unconventional tip #5: Ditch the cardio

If I mention “cheap hooker,” a lot of guys connect it with “Motel 6.”

Not that I have experience in that realm, but I have some friends who….never mind.

When someone says “diet,” they immediately connect it with “cardio.”


Repeat that with me 1000x.

Cardio isn’t bad.

It’s good if you want to improve your cardiovascular health.

It can definitely help you burn more calories and let you eat more.

But it’s not necessary to lose weight.

That’s all I’m saying.

You can lose all the weight you want with diet alone.

Look around in your gym.

All the jacked dudes are hanging around in the weight room, while all the “Janets from accounting” are on the treadmill.

I have a basic philosophy when it comes to weight loss: “Use your diet to lose weight. Use your workouts to build/maintain muscle.” 

Building a body like Charlie Hunnam is simple, not easy

Building a body that’s similar to Charlie Hunnam’s is relatively simple: build about 10-15 pounds of lean  muscle then diet down to about 10% body fat.

Simple in theory but most guys struggle with staying consistent.

This is why I only recommend 2-3 workouts per week. That’s a hell of a lot easier to be consistent with than 5-6 workouts per week.

If you have any question on the Charlie Hunnam workout or diet, leave them below.

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