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Fitness made simple as shit

Hi! I'm Keith.

I have one mission here at Fitmole - to make fitness simple as shit.

That means no restrictive diets, relying on supplements, 2 hour long workouts, and complex formulas. 

I've been through hell and back, trying every imaginable fitness workout & diet in the book (hint: 99% of it is bullshit) to get in shape. Finally, I did it, after 5+ fucking years.

I don't care about turning you into an elite athlete, pro bodybuilder, or even amateur fitness model. 

All I want is to help you look and feel good. 

And my biggest tip for doing that: Stop complicating everything.

Fitmole Transformations

“I feel better now than I did five years ago, and I actually feel younger…”
- Justin Walk

"Went to take some progress pictures after working out and my daughter pointed at my abs and smiled. I asked her what she was smiling about and she said daddy's stomach looks like batman. That means he's strong. Thank you Keith Lai for an outstanding program that gets results even a kid can be proud of!" - Michael F.

"I’m a bit of a skeptic, and was hesitant to try Keith’s formula. But being about two months in I’m definitely seeing results. I also feel much healthier and getting a massive gain in confidence. Trust the system. It works." - Donald W.

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"Keith always manages to keep things simple and puts everything across in understandable terms which in my opinion is something of a rarity in the online swamp of fitness bullshit."
- Pete

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