#1 Diet Rule For Eating On Christmas Day

March 25, 2014 | 4 Comments


It’s that time of year again. The time of year where friends, family, and naked elves gather together to spend quality time and eat crap tons of food.

Christmas is supposed to be a happy day. A day where you have no worries and no stress. But above all, it should be a day where you shouldn’t stress about  your diet.

Ya ya, I know hundreds of other bloggers have been writing about “how to eat healthy on Christmas,” but I decided to go a different route.

I decided to provide you guys with one SUPER SIMPLE rule for eating on Christmas day.

Are you ready? Are you?

Alright, here it is:

The #1 diet rule for eating on Christmas day —> DON’T GIVE A FUCK 

Hah! Try finding that in a magazine.

But seriously, people really shouldn’t give a fuck about the food they eat on Christmas day. This has nothing to do with hormones or cheat days or even trying being healthy. It simply has to do with letting loose and living your damn life.

Christmas eating
You know you want it!

The average person only gets to experience Christmas 80 times in their lifetime

Assuming that the average life expectancy is about 80 years old, that means we only get to experience Christmas 80 times in our entire life. And lets face it, you probably don’t even remember your first 10 times.

So if you’re going to celebrate Christmas, make the most of it. Don’t hold back because you want be healthy or you’re trying to watch your weight. One day of stuffing your face isn’t going to kill you.

Cooking healthy = stupid idea

Seriously, don’t cook with low fat milk, don’t buy whole grain bread, and don’t cook vegetables just for the sake of being healthy. Because lets face it, nobody wants to spend Christmas eating “filler foods” like leafy green vegetables. They want to spend it eating their grandma’s homemade pie and their aunt’s gooey chocolate chip cookies.

So please, and I mean this in the nicest way possible – don’t fuck yourself by trying to cook healthy on Christmas.

Christmas is a special day

When it comes to holiday parties and the weeks surrounding Christmas, it’s fine to watch how much you eat. In fact, I encourage it.

But when it comes to eating on Christmas day, the rules change. It’s one of most widely celebrated holidays in the world, and like I said before, it only happens about 80 times in everyone’s lifetime.

I’m not saying that you have to stuff your face until it turns a dangerously colored blue, but just don’t restrict yourself in any way at all. By doing so, the only person you’re hurting is yourself, and of course your grandma, who spent countless hours making that pie you son of a bitch.

Cheers to not eating healthy,

– Keith

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    1. Michael,
      Yeah… there will always be people who will try to watch their diet no matter what? Kinda sad, but I guess that’s just how it is.

  1. Oh. My. God. I am so in love with this site. Not giving a fuck about what you eat on Thanksgiving or Christmas is the best feeling in the world. I haven’t gained a pound from using this strategy, although I think a big reason I haven’t is because I often IF around these times. Not a ton, but generally I’ll eat anything and everything on Christmas day/night and then just IF until dinner the next day. It puts a slight dent in the damage done the night before and completely eliminates any slight guilt I have. Not that anyone should have guilt on these types of days for christ’s sake.

    1. Thanks glad you enjoy it Satu. IF definitely allows you live a more flexible lifestyle than eating 6 meals per day.

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