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March 25, 2014 | 3 Comments

Reveal the Steel review
1) Clint, you have a program called Reveal The Steel. What it makes it different from the bajillion other fitness products on the market?

What I’ve ultimately tried to do with Reveal The Steel, is make it accessible to anyone looking to improve their physique from ‘average’ to ‘elite’. I’ve included my own story, the pitfalls, and a complete outline which doesn’t rely on supplements, specific dieting rules nor training schedules to get the job done.

I’ve outlined the ‘blueprint’ which is, I believe, VERY flexible and can be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle. Want to train 3 days? fine. Want to train 5 days? Also fine. There are many more rights than there are wrongs in the fitness game – I aim to prove that with this book.

2) And what motivated you to create a program like Reveal The Steel?

Being a guinea pig for sooo many similar training programs – I’ve spent many years trialing many, many techniques and I wanted to condense it all down into an easily-digested format that even I use myself. I’ve taken out the fluff and just provided solid programming that anyone from beginner to advanced levels can run with and adapt to suit their goals.

Crude Fitness

3) Anybody who reads your blog will know that you’re a no-bullshit kind of guy. What’s the one thing in the fitness industry right now that pisses you off beyond words?

Besides the ‘fitspiration’ that seems to flood my Facebook feed, the main irk I have with the industry is the scare-mongering that perpetuates through media outlets.

Folks are so quick to jump on a ‘headline’ and share it with their friends seemingly before they’ve even had a chance to read the article, and discover that the content disproves the headline in the first place.

4) You went through a pretty amazing transformation yourself (in the before/after pic on Reveal The Steel). What made you decide to transform your body? And what do you contribute the majority of your success to?

Clint before after

I spent years of my youth harboring poor lifestyle choices. It took a pretty savage ‘wake-up call’ from some friends of mine at the time who were quick to point out my ‘shape’.

You often don’t see yourself slip until it’s pointed out – I definitely was a product of little to no exercise and heavy alcohol consumption.

The success part comes from persistence and never losing sight of the big picture – the physique you want will come EVENTUALLY – you just have to persevere and lower your expectations. It took years to get to a point where I was ‘OK’ with how my body looked without a shirt on.

5) Where do you see most people go wrong when they try to lose weight?

Besides program hopping from one to the next, I’d say a lot of people tend to give up too easily. The other MAJOR factor which I’d consider the cause of all this program hopping, is the fact the internet is brimming at the seams with information. Literally thousands of trainers offering their own ‘spin’ on fitness advice (myself included).  Pick one or two sources of knowledge at a time, and RUN with it. Listening to too many fitness leaders all at the same time will likely lead to confusion, and potentially a self-destructive mindset of “nothing’s working – I give up!”

In terms of weight loss specifically, I think folks generally consume more calories than they expend and don’t even realize it. Unless you’ve tracked your calories at least ONCE, you’ve probably got no real idea of what your baseline or ‘maintenance’ level of calories is – let alone the level required in order to shed pounds!

6) What about muscle building, where do most guys screw up there?

Too much program variation I’d say – gym-goers are scared of doing the same thing twice and will look for something new to ‘shock the muscles’. This kind of mindset is counter-productive when it comes to building muscle.

Stick to a hypertrophic specific program for at least 6-8 weeks before changing it up – or even just adjust rep ranges from 8-12 to 4-6 and vice versa.

7) Thanks for doing the interview Clint

My pleasure Keith – be sure to head to the Crude Fitness facebook page where I’m ‘most active’ and ‘like’ it to receive a daily does of fitness humor (not a guarantee ;)).

For more info on Clint:

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  1. Its inspiring to see someone be so honest and be open with how long it took them to build their body when the whole industry is filled with people talking about ‘get super ripped in 1 month’ ect ect. Ive just started calisthenics and am looking forward to the future but i must remember just to keep going and be persistent even if my gains are too slow for my liking.

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