Why I Always Order A Diet Coke With My Cheeseburger And Fries

November 6, 2017 | 29 Comments

diet coke with cheesebuger

I stood there at In-N-Out as the cashier repeated my order, “So that’s a double-double (animal style), an order of fries (animal style), and a large diet coke.”

“Dude, what’s the point?” asked my friend.

“Why not, just get a regular coke, you’re already eating like crap,” he said.

But my friend doesn’t understand.

There’s a lot of hate diet coke, especially when drank in combination with less “healthier” foods.

I see it all the time (both in person and online).

  • The eye rolls…
  • The condescending glares…
  • The “Why do you do this, your heart are gonna explode anyways. Diet coke won’t do anything.” comments…

I’m not overweight.

Not to brag, but I’d say I’m in pretty decent shape. Feel free to disagree.

random asian guy

Why I drink diet coke

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  • I drink diet soda because it’s a (slightly) more satisfying alternative to water.
  • I drink it knowing with 100% certainty that it won’t affect my weight in any way, shape, or form.
  • I drink it because if I had to choose between 300 calories worth of regular coke and 300 calories worth of doughnuts, I’d choose doughnuts every single time.
  • I drink it because the taste is pretty much the same to regular coke (sorry, I can’t tell the fucking difference).
  • I drink it because if I’m trying to lose weight and tracking calories, why in the name of fuck would I want any extra calories from regular soda. How do people not understand this?

Let’s say I did order a regular coke with my burger and fries…

….that’s an extra 300 calories of pure sugar that I simply don’t need or care for.

It’s like the difference between getting a good buzz and getting stupid “vomit in baby stroller” drunk.

Why are so many people fat, despite drinking diet coke

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I know a lot of fitness guys in great shape who drink diet coke.

But there’s a much larger group of people who drink diet coke on a consistent basis that are well, fat.

Why is this?

It boils down to this:

1. They eat like crap and have self-destructive, unhealthy habits

You’ll notice those who drink diet soda like water are also the same types of people to eat a lot of junk food and don’t exercise.

But if you’re following a healthy, well-rounded diet, then drinking diet soda won’t harm your health.

Diet soda itself isn’t unhealthy (source).

People with unhealthy habits are unhealthy.

2. They view the diet coke as a way to “cheat” the system and end up eating more calories than they would have otherwise.

Diet coke is just that, a zero calorie beverage.

It can limit the damage that regular coke would have done otherwise.

But it doesn’t fix an otherwise shit diet.

What’s worse, are the people who use drink diet coke as an excuse to eat more calories later on.

Just because you drank a can of diet coke, doesn’t mean you get to have an extra slice of cake for dessert.

That’s not how this works.

Win the war, not the battle

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Like I said above, the average overweight person who drinks diet coke, has a really crappy diet and lifestyle.

What do you think is worse: eating 5000 calories per day or drinking 1-2 cans of diet coke per day?

When it comes to weight loss, the war is won by eating fewer calories.

  • The diet coke…
  • The “best fat burning foods…”
  • The random stuff like supplements…

Those are all tiny battles.

A you can win every battle in the book till, but that doesn’t win the war.

It blows my mind how most people don’t care about calorie counts, but like to finger point at diet coke.

It’s like me saying, this guy can’t get laid because his shirts are wrinkled and girls don’t find that attractive.

Sure, maybe that matter.

But chances are, that’s not the reason he’s not getting laid.

You’re not fat because you drink diet coke. You’re fat because you eat like shit. 

Stop blaming the diet soda.

Stop listening to the media about why diet soda is the weight loss devil.

And don’t feel guilty for ordering a diet coke with your cheeseburger and fries.

Speaking of cheeseburgers and fries:

innnout diet

P.S. If you want to learn how to eat burgers and fries every single day and still lose weight, check out Superhero X12.

My step-by-step system will show you how to setup your diet so you can eat your favorite foods every day and still get lean.

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    1. All it shows is correlation, doesn’t show that drinking diet soda is a direct cause to weight gain. Like I said in the article, those who drink diet soda tend to have unhealthy habits and lifestyles. But if you change your overall habits, start exercising, and actually track how much you eat, you can incorporate diet soda into your life without negative effect. And in a lot of cases, people have an easier time losing weight by swapping regular soda with diet soda.

  1. I agree! no matter how many calories in my meal I always go for diet, I figure if I’m having a treat, there’s no reason to take it up a notch just for that extra flavour.

  2. I totally agree and I have to say it helps me psychologically too. For some reason I don’t have the desire to eat a lot when I drink Diet Coke.

  3. You are so right about this topic. Glad to hear it said out loud. Why would anyone want to “drink” the unnecessary calories in a regular soda. I would much rather have an alcoholic drink instead or be able to have more food. It’s just common sense. Would water be better than a diet soda? Yes! But just drinking water is too boring for the long term. So diet soda gives the same good taste as regular without the calories. Thanks for the article and your site. Keep the diet sodas coming….

  4. Thank you, Keith. I get so tired of self-righteous bullshit that people spew every time I order a Coke Zero (which IMHO is even yummier than Diet Coke). I don’t drink it all day, or even every day, but sometimes that fizzy beverage feels like such a treat and it costs me not even one little calorie. I just discovered your blog and I think you’re awesome. Thanks for cutting through all the shit and telling it like it is.

  5. Love this article! I drink it because I love the taste and totally agree with your point – why would I want to ADD 300 more calories to my meal!

  6. I wouldn’t worry about the diet soda too much

    French fries are FAR more of a nutrition hazard


    “With their high glycemic carbs, inflammatory polyunsaturated and saturated fats, along with potentially damaging levels of sodium chloride, French fries couldn’t have anything worse in them could they? It seems they could.

    In recent years French fries, particularly those from fast food chains cooked at the highest temperatures, have been shown to contain significant levels of a potentially dangerous substance called acrylamide.”

  7. This is the same logic I use when eating at buffets. I always go for the protein foods and avoid filling up on empty, no nutrient cheap carbs. Sorry, I go to the China restaurant and totally avoid the rice and noodles. Oh and water, unlimited water because it’s free.

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