For Women: Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

March 14, 2018 | 9 Comments

In my opinion the top exercises to get rid of love handles are isometric movements. These are exercises done in a static state where the muscles never change in length or angle. For example, crunches are not isometric since your ab muscles are constantly moving up and down in a crunching movement.

The reasons I suggest doing only isometric movements is because exercises like weighted crunches add too much muscle to your obliques which can give your abs a somewhat bulky look.

This is bad if you want to build a sexy body.

Exercises to get rid of love handles workout
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The best exercises to get rid of love handles

1) Renegade rows

Unfortunately, I don’t see many people(men or women) doing renegade rows anymore, and that’s a shame because they really are an awesome exercise.

For this exercise, you will need 2 light dumbbells. And when I say light, you can probably start out at 5 pounds and work your way up.

To do renegade rows:

– Get into a push up position with a dumbbell in each hand.

– Slowly lift the dumbbell up towards your body. It is crucial that you keep your abs tight throughout the entire movement.

Here’s a video showing excellent renegade row form

2) Side plank

This is one of my favorite ab exercises because it really works your oblique muscles which is where your love handles are.

– To do this exercise, all you do is lie down on your side with your either your left or right elbow on the floor.

– You should then lift your hips and try to keep your body in a straight line.

– That’s it. The hard part is seeing how long you can hold that straight position. If you’re a beginner, then try to hold that position on each side for 30 seconds. Once you can hold a side plank for 3+ minutes on each side, you abs will be super hard.

Here’s a basic demonstration of the side plank:

Some tips about the side plank:

  • If you’re doing this exercise barefoot, then I recommend you doing it on carpet or on a mat, because doing it on a hard surface will hurt your feet after a while.
  • If it helps, waive your free arm up in the air. For some reasons, this actually helps me go longer, but it may or may not help you.

How often can I do these exercises?

If you want, you can actually do these exercises every day because they don’t break down your muscle tissue like crunches and leg raises do.

With renegade rows and planks, all you’re doing is performing static holds that strengthen your core without increasing it’s size.

But for a more realistic approach, I suggest doing 3 ab workouts per week consisting of:

  • 3 sets of renegade rows – 5 reps per arm.
  • 2 sets of side planks – 1 minute per side.

But none of this matters if……..

You can do all the exercises to get rid of love handles in the world, but NONE of that matters if you don’t change your diet.

I feel like this is something that simply doesn’t get talked about enough, but so many today’s so called fitness gurus put such a large emphasis on exercises and workout plans that they fail to mention that your results are 90% determined by your diet.

If you’re goal is to build a sexy feminine body like Jessica Biel or Megan Fox, then you need to watch your diet before anything else. All the exercises you do to shape and tone your midsection will only become apparent once you lose enough body fat.

If have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Yup, I used to have love handles and changing my diet was the key. All the exercise in the world won’t matter unless you alter your eating habits.

  2. Will this work for any other type o exercise (building strength without adding size)…? Got me thinking about the pulses that are done at the end of an exercise in pilates (like the squats), the wall sit and yoga (long static positions for a long time without actual reps). Is this the science behind small but very tight female physiques…? I tried looking this up several times, and this article got me wondering so I wanted to hear your opinion.
    Planks are my absolute favorite ab exercises (plus some variations like the spider plank) along with the C-sit variations. Nothing got my abs to a higher level until I started doing planking

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