How To Make The Perfect Fat Burning Breakfast In Exactly 0 Seconds

August 17, 2022 | 25 Comments

Fat Burning Breakfast

I finally did it!

I discovered THE perfect fat burning breakfast, and when I say perfect, I’m talking Megan Fox perfect.

I mean, what I’m about to tell you is beyond mind-blowingly awesome, so prepare to have your mind get a tiny bit fucked.

Like seriously, this fat burning breakfast idea is so crazy and radical that I guarantee you never have and never will read about it in a fitness magazine.

This is a breakfast that’s so radically different and awesome that the mainstream fitness industry is scared to talk about it.

Oh and did I mention that this breakfast takes ZERO seconds to make and it’s 100% FREE.

So what is it? Are your inner thighs sweating? Are your nipples getting harder by the second? Are you shaking with anticipation?

Well here it is – the perfect fat burning breakfast is no breakfast.

Perfect fat burning breakfast = no breakfast

Mind. Blown.

Okay, so if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, then you already know that I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast.

But this is for all those people out there who are still on the quest to search for the perfect fat burning breakfast.

Skipping breakfast is in my opinion the best way to burn fat. And the best part about skipping breakfast is that it takes absolutely no time and it’s 100% free.

How can you burn fat if you just ate something?

The term “fat burning” always pisses me off.

Sure it’s a highly marketable term that everyone loves to hear, but it’s almost always used in the wrong way.

Because the moment you eat anything (even a single carrot stick), your body will then immediately try to burn off what you just ate. You body won’t be burning fat, it’ll be burning the food you just ate. This is why the whole notion of a “fat burning breakfast” always baffles me.

However if you skip breakfast, you will be running on an empty stomach, and only then will you actually be burning body fat.

But don’t you need to eat breakfast to function properly?

I never really understood what people meant by this. The word “function” has always confused me since there’s really no meaning behind it.

But for most people. I think they’re mainly concerned with feeling slow and tired if they skip breakfast.

However, most people don’t realize that the feeling of being tired and lethargic stems from a hormone in your body called ghrelin which is a hormone in your body that loosely controls things like your hunger and alertness levels.

So once you give your body some time to adjust to the fact that you won’t be eating breakfast, then you’ll feel more alert than ever.

Just give it a shot. Pretty please?

Look, I understand your hesitance.

A few years ago, I was like everyone else. I ate breakfast ever day. I tried to eat a well balanced meal with protein, “healthy” carbs, and “good” fats.

I did this for years. And why did I do this?

Well… because everyone else did it. I didn’t question conventional wisdom and I wouldn’t dare challenge my mom.

But I began to educate myself on all things nutrition and discovered that breakfast was a big fat lie being backed by multi-billion dollar food companies.

So I have a favor to ask you – could you just try your best to skip breakfast for a 1 week?

That’s all I ask. I want you to skip breakfast for 7 days straight.

The first few days of skipping breakfast will be a bit difficult, but that’s just because your body is getting used to not eating in the morning.

You can also try drinking some tea or coffee to blunt the hunger (no sugar).

And if after 1 week, you conclude that skipping breakfast truly isn’t for you, then so be it.

But for many of you, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

More breakfast skipping resources:

Martin Berkhan’s top fasting myths article

Precision Nutrition’s Experiments With Intermittent Fasting

Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat (the go-to book on fasting and breakfast skipping)

Eating one meal per day (my article)

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  1. You’re absolutely right on this Keith. No breakfast is the best breakfast.

    Personally, I don’t eat until about midday. Total, I eat two meals a day and really, my body is just fine doing that. Eating 6, 12, or 36 times a day doesn’t really make a huge difference if it’s the same amount of total calories.

    Your body will be just fine if you skip a meal. For those who haven’t tried fasting before, try it for a couple of days over the next two weeks. It will teach you a lot about what real hunger is and isn’t.

  2. I am not sure if you are familiar with henry rollins but he is right around my height(5’8) and has like my ideal body. lol
    if you googled pics of him when he was younger you could see.
    what would be a good way to achieve that?

    1. Hey Anthony,

      I just Googled Henry Rollins and he does have a pretty lean body. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of muscle mass but he is pretty lean.

      If you want to get a body like his, I would just focus on losing body fat. And for his type of physique, you probably don’t even need to lift weights. You can probably get away with just doing bodyweight exercises.


  3. Couldn’t agree with you more. I was at a plateau with weight loss until I began skipping breakfast. Now the weight is coming off like never before. Getting those last few pounds off is finally a reality.

    I feel like a fat burning machine!

  4. hi! nice article. ( sorry for my awful english i’m italian:)) ) i have just one question. if i stop to have a breakfast every morning my body will take protein to gain energy or just fat?

  5. So does this translate to other meals as well? I mean, if its just about eating fewer calories then can I choose which meals to skip? I’m kinda fond of breakfast but lunch times are usually busy enough for me to easily skip….

    1. Technically you could fast for 24 hours everyday and do a warrior diet type thing, but a lot of people can’t handle that. If you feel fine with skipping lunch then go for it, it just means you’ll have a bigger dinner 🙂

  6. So…you say not eating breakfast is absoultely OK… Holly shit, I just LOVE YOUR BLOG. Media has filled my girly brains with all those myths and then your incredible-awesome blog just brakes them in seconds…
    I think I’m going to have a cooke now.
    You and your blog are AWESOME.

    Wishes from Lithuania!

  7. I think working out in a fasted state sounds like a great idea.

    Would it make too much of a difference if I had breakfast after workout? Or would you recommend that I wait a few more hours before eating? I want to maximize fat loss a bit these few days (doing the 800 Calorie routine).

  8. It is absolutely crucial to eat breakfast for fat and weight loss because it will save us from the so-called “starvation eating” later in the day. Starvation eating has all the bad elements for fat and weight gain: High-calorie, High-fat, high-sugar, low-protein. Additionally, by skipping breakfast our body does not produce enzymes necessary to burn fat and thus to lose weight. Think about that: If we skip breakfast we usually tend to eat more food at the next meal and even worse, we have the predisposition to consume high-calorie snacks. Those who skip breakfast usually nibble and binge on extremely unhealthy and fat-building food.

  9. Like yeah dude’s correct … Not like I’m a fitness expert but i lost 15 pounds by skipping breakfast and consuming my remaining normal meals … My body didn’t go into the so called “starvation mode”

  10. Hey, if I work out in the morning around 6 and do high intensity interval training can I intermittent fast? Cause I thought that right after a work out that you needed to supply protien to rebuild broken the down muscle fibers. So do I just not drink a protien shake after my workout, and drink one during my eating window?
    -Thank You!

  11. Here is some simple shit… Eating breakfast or not doesn’t matter. The time of day you eat and the amount of times you eat doesn’t matter. If you consistently eat, say 1,800 calories or something like that, you can eat that however you like, skipping breakfast or not. I will admit though, skipping breakfast makes it so easy to eat what you want in the afternoon. You feel great doing it. But if I feel like eating breakfast, I will. If I don’t I will still lose weight because it really comes down to calories. Nice blog though.

  12. Interesting. How about skipping dinner instead of breakfast? And what are your thoughts on fasted cardio? Thanks in advance.

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