James Mcavoy Workout Routine & Diet For Split/Glass: How He Got Jacked

July 29, 2018 | 8 Comments

James Mcavoy workout

I’m sure you’ve saw by now, but James McAvoy got totally jacked for Glass.

All lean and muscly at 39 years old, it’s pretty impressive what he pulled off.

I know, I know.

It’s Hollywood, he must be taking steroids, right?

Meh…in this case I don’t think so.

His body just doesn’t have the classic signs of steroid use (big bellies, crazy round shoulders, puffy muscles).

I’ve seen plenty of guys build a physique like McAvoy naturally and in this post I’m going to show you how you can too.

What surprised me the most was how McAvoy approached his diet, which is very different than how most actors approach gaining muscle in Hollywood.

James McAvoy workout plan you can follow to build muscle (unofficial)

The following workout plan below is NOT the official workout plan James McAvoy used to build muscle.

But it is a brutally effective plan to help you pack on muscle fast.

The beautiful thing about this workout is you also won’t hvae to workout more than 3 times per week.

So for those dreading that you might need to start training 5-7 times per week to build muscle, you can relax 🙂


For example, “Squat: 3/6-8/2” means you do 3 sets of squats for 6-8 reps per set, and rest 2 min. in between sets.

Workout A

  • Barbell back squat: 3/6-8/2
  • Barbell bench press: 3/6-8/2
  • Lat pull-down: 3/6-8/1.5
  • Arm work (your choice of one bicep isolation exercise and one triceps isolation exercise): 2/10-12/1
  • Crunches: 3/10-15/1

Workout B

  • Sumo barbell deadlift: 3/6-8/2
  • 1-arm cable row: 3/8-10 per side/1.5
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press: 3/6-8/1.5
  • Arm work (your choice of one bicep isolation exercise and one triceps isolation exercise): 2/10-12/1
  • Crunches: 3/10-15/1

How to structure this workout?

This workout is done on an alternating AB schedule.

This means that you will workout 3x per week total and every workout you will alternate between workout A and workout B.

Also make sure that you have at least one day rest between each workout.

For example, if you workout on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, your scheudle will look like this:

Week 1: Monday (A), Wednesday (B), Friday (A)

Week 2: Monday (B), Wednesday (A), Friday (B)

Week 3: Repeat Week 1

Week 4: Repeat Week 2

And so on…

Did James McAvoy really eat 6000 calories per day?

james mcavoy diet
I mean, if I really needed to eat 6000 calories, I’d like to do it here.

Back when pics of McAvoy’s physique popped up online, there was a lot of talk about what his diet was.

In fact in an interview, he stated that he ate something like “6000 calories per day.”

But that’s actually not true.

He clearly things up and said that was just an exaggeration.

Surprisingly, McAvoy said he tracked macros which would have been unheard of 5 years ago.
Most celebrities follow crazy diet plans to get in shape, but it looks like McAvoy actually took a sensible approach.

“I think probably a healthier way of tracking intake…”

– James Mcavoy on tracking macros

How you can start tracking macros like James Mcavoy

I’m going to exaplin this to those who odn’t know what it is even though I’ve talked about tracking macros like 48239 tiimes on Fitmole.

When you track macros (i.e. protein, carbs, fats), you are basically given a set amount of protein, carbs, and fats to hit every day.

So for example, you might be told that you macros are 150 grams of protein, 300 grams of carbs, and 50 grams of fat.

And your goal would be to hit this amount every single day.

You don’t need to count calories becuase when you’re tracking macros, you are indirectly counting calories.

So basically, if you’re tracking macros accurately, you are tracking calories by deafult.

Now you might be thinking, this seems complex as shit.

Do I really need to track macros to build muscle?

The slight problem with tracking macros

Tracking macros works.

I’m not denying it doesn’t.

I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped thousands of other people do it.

In theory, it’s very simple to do.

Just hit your protein, carbs, and fats and you’re done.

And oh ya, make sure you’re eating healthy foods most of the time and not too much junk.
The big problem here is that you’re now responsbile for managing 3 sperate variables (protein, carbs, fats).

You could imagine how someone who has even had trouble tracking calories alone might struggle with tracking macros.

With tracking macros, you need to be very careful.

Yes you’re given more “freedom” with your diet since you can eat foods like candy and pizza, and still get results as long as you hit your macros..

But you still need to track shit like a hawk.

In my opinion, it’s too much stress.

My modified appraoch to tracking macros without the stress – Macro FLEX Tracking

I’ve covered my Macro FLEX Tracking (MFT) system here in more detail.

Basically, instead of tracking protein, carbs, and fats, all you need to track are overall calories and protein.

As for your carb and fat intake, all I ask is that you get a good balance of each. In other words, don’t skew too heavy to fats or carbs.

I find that the confusion and stress comes from balancing all three macros and making sure everyhting is 100% perfect.

BUt when you use MFT, things become much simpler.

Now you can track calories and protein only.

Why protein? Because it drives muscle growth more than any of the other macros.

Do I need to track macros long term?

I’m lazy, can’t I just build muscle look sexy as fuck without tracking anything?

If you’ve never lifted weights in your life, then you can probably freeball it still get decent results.

THis is only because your body is still so inexperienced that literally any new stimulus (i.e. lifting heavy weights) will be enough to build some muscle.

But if you really want to maximize the amount of muscle you put on and look like a superhero, then I highly recommend tracking at least your overall calories and protein intake.

Doing so will let you make the tiny micro adjustments necessary when you’re stuck and not seeing results.

Because in the end, numbers never lie.

Every skinny guy I talk to that says they “eat so much but can’t gain weight” are almost never eating as much as they think they are.

Or they eat a lot on occasion (e.g. on the weekends) but don’t maintain the same intake of calories all week long.

Read more: Do you really think you have a fast metabolism?

Focus on body proportions and not just how much you weigh

If you want to create the “illusion” of looking bigger without actually having to gain an arbitrary amount of weight, then focus on increasing the the width on your shoulders.

I meet a lot of skinny guys who want to just gain weight for the sake of gaining weight, so they start eating everything in sight.

They’ll drop mad money on fluff filled unicorn weight gainers and just try to increase the number on the scale as fast as possible.

In their minds, as long as the scale is going up, they are happy.

And if you’re severely underweight, this might benefit you.

But for most guys, this is just going to lead to weight gain that has a very shitty fat to muscle ratio.

This is why I recommend not only measuring your bodyweight but your body proportions as well.

That means measuring your waist, shoulders, arms, and legs.

When you are bulking, ideally you want everything to increase except your waist.

If you waist circumference starts shooting up too much in relation to everything else, then chances are you are eating too much and need to cut back.

James Mcavoy workout and diet summary

If you want to build a body like James McAvoy, it comes down to a few simple things.

  1. Start lifting weights consistently.
  2. Get stronger over time.
  3. Eat more calories to fuel muscle growth (track macros if you can).
  4. Be consistent and patient.
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  1. Yeah he is on gear. You don’t just put on muscle for a movie in a short amount of time, especially at 39. Hollywood muscle, HGH TRT Clen to finish up. The old steroid and eating clean is just to hide the fact he is enhanced. Give him points for getting there, still got to train

    1. will never know if he’s actually on anything but I do know with 100% certainty that his physique is achievable naturally with 1-2 years of consistent training.

  2. I’m 46, 5′ 6″ and weighed 150Ibs (so a bit shorter but the same average body weight as JM) when I started weight training this year (I used to run long distance with a body fat percentage of 9.4). I wanted to see how strong I could get in a year by weight training three days a week. I have gained 17Ibs of lean muscle in 8 months and I’m really dialled into my calorie consumption and weekly workouts now with constant progression with my lifts resulting in more strength and muscle gains. I can easily see that in the next 4 months I will gain 5Ibs or more which would be ideal before cutting to less than 10%. I eat a pescetarian diet (no dairy) with added BCAA’s taken in the morning (intermittent fasting 18/6) with Creatine (once a day) post-workout. His same gains on a similar body frame in 14 weeks is extreme but if you had a personal trainer, dedicated catering staff, strict routine etc, it certainly might be possible without being juiced up.

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