Matt Damon Workout Routine: What You Need To Know To Get In Super Spy Shape

March 26, 2021 | 29 Comments

matt damon elbow workout

Jason Bourne is back.

And unless you’ve all been living under a rock, you’ve all seen the trailer and the awesome shape Matt Damon is in.

In fact, I’ll say he’s in better shape than he was in 2007’s Bourne Ultimatum.

That’s pretty impressive considering he’s now in his mid forties.

Matt Damon height, weight, & stats

Matt Damon stands in at 5’10”.

As for his weight, nothing has been officially revealed, but judging from the pics in Jason Bourne, I’d put him in around the low 170s.

As for body fat percentage, he’s sitting in around 10-12%, probably closer to 12%.

So no, you don’t need to be a shredded 5% body fat to look great.

It’s much more important to have sufficient muscle mass and the right body proportions.

“It’s been no burgers and beer for a while.”

burger and beer matt damon
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As Damon said in an interview with E!:

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Matt Damon”]It’s for work. It’s the only time I would ever do it is for work. I like to say yes too much. I like burgers and beer. It’s been no burgers and beer for a while.[/pullquote]

Now, a lot of guys are going to see this quote and automatically assume “Oh if I want to build a body like Matt Damon, then I can’t have burgers, beer, or any tasty foods.”

But that’s actually not the case.

Burgers and beers aren’t what’s holding you back from getting ripped.

It’s the fact that you’re eating TOO MUCH burgers and beers.

Because calories matter, a lot.

Despite what everyone is saying, weight loss is simply calories in calories out.

It’s why someone like Mark Haub was able to lose a massive amount of weight by eating Twinkies all day long.

Of course, I’m not advocating a diet made exclusively of

But my driving point is that you can never demonize any one food for why you’re fat.

If you’re overweight, it’s never because of just 1-2 foods.

It’s always a culmination of bad choices and habits.

Sure you might like burgers and beers.

But that same person also probably likes to eat doughnuts and Frosted Flakes for breakfast, drinks soda instead of water, and nibbles on chips throughout the day.

But instead, if you took a more mindful approach to eating (like with Macro FLEX Tracking), then you’ll know you don’t need to eliminate burgers and beers from your diet.

You just need to be smarter about it and fit it in with your lifestyle.

You can learn how to do that with my Superhero X12 course. 

Cardio is not enough to get “Matt Damon” ripped

matt damon workout routine bourne

This article from MensJournal mentioned how Matt Damon used this piece of cardio equipment called the Versa Climber to get in shape.

And that’s great.

Cardio is great…if you want to improve cardiovascular health.

And you know what? It can actually help you burn a fuck ton of calories.

But, if you want that lean and muscular “fighter” look that Matt Damon has in Bourne, then it’s not enough.

Losing weight only makes you look like a smaller version of your current self.

And a big mistake a lot of guys make when trying to get ripped, is they put their focus on cardio and not resistance training.

If you only have time for one, then pick weight training.

Every single time.

Focus on strength training (or at least some form of resistance training)

Some form of resistance training should be the cornerstone of your workout routine.

If possible I recommend heavy weight lifting primarily in the 4-8 rep range for the best results.

These are the type of workouts I teach in Superhero X12.

Just do something to help build some lean muscle so you don’t end up looking like a scrawny weakling once you lose weight.

Beginners have it lucky, because even if you’re dieting to lose weight, you’ll likely gain muscle at the same time as long as you’re getting stronger in your workout.

Sample workout to help you look like Matt Damon

matt damon body

Below is a super simple routine you can use to look like Matt Damon in Jason Bourne.

No this isn’t the official routine.

I have no idea what the official routine is and Matt Damon won’t respond to my tweets (motherfucker).

So…here you go.

Some important notes about the below sample routine:

  • Yes this is a bare bones workout. But if you’re a beginner, it’s all you need, at least for the first few months. Don’t complicate this by adding in 2 extra exercises.
  • As always, the name of the game when doing any weight lifting program is progressive overload. This means you must get stronger over time. If you can only do 1 pull up the first week, then you better be doing more on weeks 3 and 4. If you’re not getting stronger, something is very wrong.
  • Workout schedule is setup as an alternating 3 day split
  • This means you can do the following:
    • Mon: Workout A
    • Wed: Workout B
    • Fri: Workout A
  • Then the following week you would do the follow:
    • Mon: Workout B
    • Wed: Workout A
    • Fri: Workout B
  • You’re just constantly alternating between workouts.
  • Exercise structure is: [EXERCISE NAME]: [SETS]/[REPS]/REST TIME IN MINUTES
    • For example, “Squat: 3/6-8/2” means you do 3 sets of squats for 6-8 reps per set, and rest 2 min. in between sets.
Workout A

Squat: 3/6-8/2

Bench press: 3/6-8/2

Vertical pulling movement: 3/6-8/2

Workout B

Deadlift variation: 3/6-8/2

Rowing movement: 3/8-10/2

Vertical pressing movement: 3/6-8/2

If you’re young, take advantage and build some muscle fast

bourne identity
Look at this young buck. There’s no going around it – getting in shape is easier when you’re younger. So to all the young guys reading this, inspired by Matt Damon’s physique, get your shit together now!

If you’re a young guy (16-25) and you have never really built any substantial amount of muscle in your life….

…then you really need to take advantage of this time.

Your hormones are raging, you get a boner just staring at balloons, recovery levels are the highest they’ll ever be, and you likely have more free time now to than you will in 10 years.

If you’re inspired by Matt Damon’s physique in Jason Bourne, then there is no better time than right now to double down and focus on building a solid base of muscle.

There are millions of skinny guys out there with abs.

But there aren’t so many guys out there with a solid base of muscle, and abs.

Too many guys care too much about “having abs.”

But if you look at Matt Damon in Bourne, you’ll see he’s not shredded to the bone.

Instead, he has enough muscle in his shoulders, arms, and back to shape his body proportions.

So don’t focus on just “getting ripped.”

Build a solid foundation of muscle first, because that’s the key to getting the body of a super spy.

What’s holding you back from building a super spy body like Matt Damon in Jason Bourne?

I wanna hear it.

Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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  1. Good stuff Keith. If you were to sprint once per week (no other cardio other than some surfing) – would that be on the squat day or maybe 2 days before a squat day to recover?


  2. But what about those of us that are “past our prime” (as many of you young motherf***ers like to call us)? I’m 50, yes… 50, am 6’0″, 175 lbs and have about 15-18% body fat. What do I need to do to build muscle and cut my percentage of fat?

    1. The rules for you don’t change. You still need to lift progressively heavier weights and you need to eat less to lose fat. The only difference is that it might take slightly longer for you and recovery levels aren’t as great as you age.

      But in your case, I would still focus on eating at a slight deficit while lifting weights. Over time, you’ll gain some muscle and lose fat, assuming you’re a beginner.

  3. Hey man I was wondering if you could possibly help me get my goals sorted out. I’m not quite sure where my fitness level stands at the moment. Right now my stats are 5’11, 163, around 12% body fat. I can see my abs pretty well with a shirt off but I have just a little bit of lower back fat. But I’m not sure whether I’m considered a beginner, intermediate? I have an alright amount of upper body strength. I can incline dumbbell press 80 lbs for 4 times, overhead press 135 for 5, and I can do about 6 chin-ups with 65 lbs attach to a weight belt. But my main area where I’m lacking is my lower body, I’ve been putting it off for a long time ever since I herniated a disc. So my legs are tiny compared to my upper body. In my case, what would you recommend I should do? I’m willing to purchase one of your programs. Would love to hear back from you


    1. You sorta answered your own question.

      It sounds like you’re not training your legs at all so of course they haven’t grown. So really, doing any lower body movements where you progressively get stronger now is going to help grow your legs. That is assuming you’re clear o injuries.

      1. I just recently started back squatting again and I’ve had very little pain, so hopefully as I progress and I get see some better growth in general. But would do a program like this set me in the right direction?

        1. If you’re progressing, it’s good. Just watch for signs of pain or potential injuries.

          Yeah my program would help if you followed it 🙂

  4. Awesome piece of advise Keith.

    I highly advocate about workout for strength too.

    But we really need to put efort and persistence in this project. I can get a good body in 6 training months.

    I’m now 1/6 !

  5. Hey Keith I’m 15 years old turning 16 at Christmas I was wondering whether I should start taking protein powder, my mum says it’ll affect me negatively later in life I don’t believe so, is it true?

    1. No but I would make sure that you buy a high quality protein powder, don’t skimp out for cheap brands.

      Or just eat some more meat, probably easier for younger guys anyways.

  6. Hello Keith,
    I’m 16 almost 17 and want to build some more muscle mass. However, I am a swimmer so all the cardio makes it difficult to put on muscle and I burn calories very quickly. What advice do you have for me to gain some more mass?

    1. Focus on eating a couple hundred calories more. That’s what you have to do to compensate for the calories burned while swimming. ANd probably try lifting before swimming so you’re not pre-exhausted.

  7. I’ve been following your website for a while and love the honesty/cut through the bullshit approach you take. I’m starting this simple workout you’ve laid out and i can definitely feel it in my arms and legs, which is good!

  8. Hey Keith,
    I just wonder is it ok if I have additional bicep and triceps exercises to this plan? I don’t see any for getting bigger arms in this sample plan.
    If yes, How would you do it?

    1. They will get bigger by doing the movements in the plan. But yeah, if u really wanted, u can add in a little bit of direct arm stuff.

  9. Alright, where do I find motivation? I am 23 and I live with my girlfriend. No job currently so all of my time is dedicated to finding one. Where could I get motivation to work out?

    1. If anything your girlfriend should motivate you more 🙂

      I can’t tell you how to motivate yourself, you need to figure out why you want this and use that to push yourself. If I had the answer to “how to get motivated” I would be a trillionaire.

  10. According to a Men’s Health article, Matt Damon’s routine (in addition to the conditioning work) “included a lot of single-leg exercises and high-volume pullups”

    That said, the above routine looks fairly solid and useful for a natural trainer (as opposed to the 10 exercises/40 sets routines pros claim they use in Flex and Muscle and Fiction)

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