Robert Irvine Workout: The Secrets Of TV’s Most Ripped Chef

February 8, 2018 | 51 Comments

Robert Irvine workout

I’ll admit, Restaurant Impossible (and previously Dinner impossible) is the one of the few cooking related shows I actually enjoy watching. This is probably due to the fact that it barely has anything to do with cooking and just revolves around Robert Irvine screaming at restaurant owners the majority of the time.

But yeah…let’s cut to the chase.

If you’ve ever watched Impossible a couple time, you’ve probably wondered the following:

1) Does he wear anything but fitted black polo shirts?

2) The dude is fucking huge, what’s his workout program?

It’s true. For a 49 year old, Robert Irvine is in pretty exceptional shape. But how did Irvine do it? What exactly does it take to essentially be the buffest chef on tv.

In order to build up his muscular physique, Robert Irvine followed a few rules.

Essentials to Robert Irvine’s Workout

1) Robert didn’t lift super heavy weights

According to NYT, Robert didn’t lift super heavy weights. Most of his lifts were done in the 10-25 rep range. There’s definitely nothing wrong with this, especially if you’re not training for pure brute strength.

I don’t do heavy weights. I’m 47 and too old for that now

Growing muscle is all about getting progressively stronger, and you don’t necessarily need to be pushing your 1 rep max every time. As long as you’re getting stronger (e.g. pushing more reps) regardless of the rep range, you’ll gain muscle.

2) He follows a bro split 

By “bro split” I mean Robert trains one body part per day. He hammers one body part such as chest and then waits about 1 week before training it again.

Scientifically speaking, this type of workout isn’t too effective. Most people do best when training each muscle group 2x per week but there are a few genetically gifted that can pull off the bro split with great results. I guess Robert is one of them.

3) He loves to run

I’m not a huge fan of running but Robert does it so he can keep his endurance levels up when working his show. Every day he’ll run for about 20 minutes via treadmill or elliptical machine.

4) He doesn’t train legs

Robert Irvine doesn’t train legs. Gasp!

Yeah I was a bit surprised too, but according to Robert,

I very rarely do legs because I do cardio about 20 minutes every day. So I try not to do too many leg workouts other than running.

I think that’s a pretty huge mistake. I don’t expect Robert to start squatting 500 pounds but your legs are one the largest muscles in your body. Does it really make sense to not train them at all?

Running builds up endurance, it doesn’t build stronger more muscular legs. So train your legs, kids.

Do the workout below to look like Robert Irvine – Robert Irvine Workout Routine

Obviously you won’t look like Robert Irvine since he has decades of training experience on you, but the workout below is a great way to jump start your muscle building efforts.

It’s a super simple 3-day per week workout geared towards beginners.

Day 1

  • Bench press (prefferably with dumbells) – 3 sets/6-8 reps
  • Back or front squat – 3 sets/5 reps
  • Chin ups – 3 sets as many as you can
  • Barbell curl – 3 sets/12-15 reps

Day 2

  • Barbell row – 3 sets/6-8 reps
  • Deadlift – 3-4 sets/5 reps
  • Military press – 3 sets/10-15 reps
  • Tricep extension – 3 sets/12-15 reps

Day 3

  • High pull – 3 sets/6-8 reps
  • Lunges – 3 sets/8 reps per leg
  • Shrugs – 3 sets/10-12 reps
  • Barbell curl – 3 sets/12-15 reps

Any questions about the Robert Irvine workout? Leave them below and I’ll answer them.

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      1. Keith
        It’s quite apparent that you have very little knowledge about fitness/weight training. Get educated first before giving any kind of advice.
        My 2 cents as a gym rat since 1971 & a specialty PT since 1978.

        1. I was replying to the guy above me who said it was ridiculous to not train legs. If he thinks it’s ridiculous, then he should probably train legs, don’t ya think?

    1. I agree muscle is harder to build as we age, but it is not impossible to put on naturally. I’m 63 and have been working out regularly now for about 3 years. I can’t do what I did as a younger man, but I’m getting there. I think nutrition is very important. It’s been the best thing I’ve done for my health and I hope to keep it going and get stronger for a long time. Also, I’m not so sure all the information about iIrvine’s work out is correct. Check out some of the othe articles about his work outs. They are interesting and sound.

  1. I’m now 57yrs. I’ve been in the gym over 40 yrs. I was a power lifter and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t. On my 54th birthday my max bench was 600lbs easily, however on my bday I went to 625lbs my rt shoulder went out and it needed to be reattached to my body. After a yr of therapy coming back on my 55th bday 600lbs went right up but at 625lbs my left shoulder had the same problem. My squats and dead lifts were around 675lbs. My knees are both shot. I’ve had approx 6 surgeries. I just started going back to the gym 2-3 times a week (so your 47 yrs story is too old is ridiculous) running every day is also too much for your knees.
    Muscle continues to grow its your tendons and ligaments that don’t. Honestly I’ve never heard of a work out like yours. I also had worked out 1 body group a day. 1 day push the next pull. All in about an hour or so a day. After my knee transplants I hope to start squatting again. I can easily deadlift 500lbs today. But can’t squat at all. I totally intent to squat, and deadlier 700 by my 60th birthday

    1. Dude!!! What’s your sign? Umm if you’re replacing body parts because you’re doing dangerous stupid exercises, quit!! Jeezez effing Christmas.

  2. He doesn’t train legs and does a bro split for upper body only…yikes. I noticed he has chicken legs that’s how I found this article.

    Cardio doesn’t suffice for working your leg muscles. He’s crazy and is obviously only concerned with show muscles. You don’t only brush your front teeth do you?

    Anyone, and especially people his age shouldn’t follow Mr. Irvine’s workout, it won’t work. He’s clearly on some gear to have gains like that at that age and despite not training legs which are the largest muscles and give the biggest hormonal response to training.

    1. LMAO…wouldn’t it be great if a study determined that a majority of people who are all about “show” only brush their front teeth!

  3. Yes,He should do some kind and of leg workout.I’m 44 I do legs 3x a week with 48 hour rest period.Doing lunges with a little bit of weight does miracles and releases testator ne.You need that when you get older to keep your sexual drive going and to not get your ass kicked.

  4. “Running builds up endurance, it doesn’t build stronger more muscular legs. So train your legs, kids.”. — umm, obviously you’ve never met female college soccer players?

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