On Mircronutrients + A Look At My “Simple” Diet

March 25, 2014 | 28 Comments


Calories in calories out.

Eat less than you burn, and you will lose weight.

It’s a deceptively simple concept, and one that will remain true till the end of time.

But what do I mean when I say “calories?”

Can you lose weight by eating nothing but cakes, cookies, and pie all day? Yes.

Is it a good idea? Probably not.

What are micronutrients and why they’re important

We know that macronutrients (macros) consist of proteins, carbs, and fats.

On the other hand, micronutrients (micros) are all the vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, magnesium, etc…

And why do we need micronutrients?

Because they’re essential for overall health, disease prevention, and even hormone regulation.

For example, a diet deficient in vitamin C could put you at risk of Scurvy.

This is why you can’t really eat a diet full of nothing but high calorie processed foods. Sure you can lose weight, but those types of foods are severely lacking in micros. And if done long term, there’s no telling how much you’ll screw up your body.

So guess what, your mom was right. You need to eat your fruits and veggies since they’re one of the best sources of micros and they have plenty of fiber to keep you full and help you poop.

This isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy foods like doughnuts…it simply means they can’t be the main source of your calories.

The best way to get your micronutrients

Good multivitamin + plenty of fruits and vegetables + a variety of foods = Best way to get your micros.

The above equation is honestly in my opinion the best way to get your micros.

The multivitamin will cover your bases, providing you with a wide variety of micros. The fruits and veggies will further provide even more nutrients, plus a diet high in fruits and veggies will help keep you satiated due its high fiber/water content. And finally, by eating a wide variety of foods, you’re ensuring that you’re getting whole range of micros.

There are no exact numbers to hit when getting your micros, but your best bet is to just be diverse. Don’t exclusively eat bananas and green beans. Once in a while, throw in some apples, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, carrots, spinach…you get my drift?

Keep it diverse but also keep it simple.

What a 2000 calorie diet might look like

Personally, I can lose 1 pound per week by eating 2000 calories per day.

So here’s what one of my recent eating days looked like:

Breakfast (0 calories)

  • 1 cup black coffee – 0 calories (2 calories if you wanna be a dick about it)

Lunch (810 calories)

  • 2 almond butter and jelly sandwiches on wheat bread – 600 calories for both sandwiches.
  • 3 hard boiled eggs with Tabasco – 210 calories.

Dinner (970 calories)

  • A foot long Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich AT Subways (had it on Italian bread with Swiss cheese and every single veggie except olives) – approx 800 calories.
  • Medium sized apple – 70 calories.
  • Few slices watermelon – 100 calories.
  • 1 multivitamin – 0 calories.

Before bed (140 calories)

  • 1 cup unflavored almond milk – 40 calories.
  • A small kiwi – 50 calories
  • Some gummy bears – 50 calories.

This totaled up to approximately 1920 calories and I was quite satisfied by the end of the day.

So you see how simple and unfancy my diet is?

All I did was eat a variety of foods. Yes, I kept track of calories in my head but I didn’t obsess over it. And no, I didn’t track my specific macros. I ate a good amount of fruits, got a decent amount of protein (approx. 90-100 grams, more than enough to maintain muscle), and ate foods that I enjoyed.

And if there’s anything I want you to get out of this, it’s that I ate like a fucking normal human being.

I didn’t go out of my way to to make brown rice and chicken. I didn’t buy rice cakes. I didn’t cook 5 pounds of Tilapia in advanced. I didn’t even supplement with protein.

If you’re a competing bodybuilder/fitness model, then my way of eating probably isn’t optimal. You’ll definitely need more protein and you’ll absolutely need to track your macros much more closely.

But for the everyday person who just wants to get in shape and look good, this is an amazing and liberating way to approach eating.

I ate a very practical and sensible diet, one that can be done for the long run.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your approach to dieting and how does a day of eating look like for you? Drop a comment and let me know.

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  1. My current favorite day of eating.

    Breakfast – nothing (0 cal)
    Lunch – nothing & 1.5 liters of water (0 cal)
    Dinner – chicken vindaloo & two pieces of whole wheat nann (1100-1200 cal), liter of water
    Desert – bowl of rainier cherries (300-400 cal)
    After midnight snack – hand-full of almonds (300-400 cal)

  2. My approach is to find out what’s healthy then find out how to make it tasty, easy to prepare and clean.

    – 3 whole free-range eggs
    – almond or brazil nuts
    – 2 bananas

    – grass-fed beef or free-range chicken
    – raw cabbage or raw lettuce salad
    – almond nuts

    – roasted sweet potato or taro
    – 3 whole free-range eggs
    – almond nuts

    – I usually eat out

    – brazil nuts
    – celery with almond butter

  3. Can you pleeeeeeease post something that focuses specifically on body fat loss? Especially for us ladies as we carry more body fat to begin with.
    I’ve had high body fat percentage always, whether I was skinnier and right weight for my height or overweight. I tend to lose couple percent per week it fluctuates but I can’t seem to reduce it significantly. It only happened when I had a personal trainer ages ago and who has money for that all over again? Currently I am 35% body fat, and would like to cut it down to like 22%. Anyway an article with some tips would be awesome. Losing weight doesn’t really make me lose body fat, I have a scale and check it all the time. Driving me crazy…!

    1. Definitely I was planning on writing a female centric article anyways. But if you want to lose body fat you need to do some form of resistance training so you ensure that you’re not losing muscle mass.

  4. My “diet” that cured my skinny fatness:

    Breakfast: water
    Lunch: 200g ground beef + broccoli OR kale + slice of pineaaple + drink 6 whole raw eggs
    Dinner: repeat lunch + 1 cheap multivitamin + half a big sweet potato OR 1 apple and 1 banana

    This with 2 total body workouts lead me to lose fat and gain muscle, got 18% to 10% bodyfat.

      1. Yeah, indeed, but my appetite sucks, i would not been able to eat 6 boiled or scrambled eggs after 200g ground beef, no way, then, for me, a big solution was drink, and, i tell you, after 3 days i got used to it. A lot of protein with a lot of fat (and carbs < 100g) a day make wonders 🙂
        Oh, if you think its hardcore, now along with that diet, for more muscle growth, i upped my calorie intake adding 5 tablespoons of olive oil (in a shot), haha. Its hardcore? Yeah. It works big time and simple? Yeah. Its healthy? DEFINITIVELY (testosterone levels gone through roof)!
        PS: of course sometimes (weekend mostly) i "crash" in beers and sweet things, and that "reset" my system for the diet next week.

  5. ll see much better results with this diet plan than you would with
    others that use some generic formula to calculate your nutrient needs.
    These days there are virtually 1000’s of guys and females who are seeking to create muscle mass and strip off body body fat in purchase to transform the way their bodies’ glimpse and really feel.
    No make a difference what sort of fat coaching regimen you.

  6. Currently using Eat Stop Eat and Adonis program. Max fat loss possible per week is about 0.7 lbs so I’m fighting for 0.25 inches off the waist. Slow and steady slimming at this point. Does it always take so long towards the end?

  7. Hey, this is my plan:

    Breakfast: 2 black coffees
    Lunch: Chipotle, rice beans, chicken, double veggies, medium salsa/ or with something similar macros. ~600 cals
    Snack: Protein Shake, single scoop ~130 cals
    Snack: Protein Shake, single scoop ~130 cals
    Dinner: Chicken Breast, 2whole eggs, one white, spinach and few nuts ~540
    Post Snack: Quest bar and 16oz milk: 460 cals

  8. youre the best. So happy to have found you. It’s like someone took my 2 favorite nutrition/fitness gurus, Nia Shanks and Brad Pilon, mixed in some “fucks” a few more donuts allowed and out you came. Can’t wait to follow more. And yes, where’s that female centric post at….. 😉

  9. I’m currently 210 lbs @ 22% body fat. How many calories should I consume to get my weight down to 200 lbs @ 9% body fat? Thanks.

  10. Hi, I would like to slim down my arms, however I noticed when I do weights my arms get bigger due to the fat I think, but what is something that I can do so that they can slim down ?

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