Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – A No BS Look At VIMB

May 25, 2018 | 14 Comments

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

If you look at most workout programs on the market, you’ll see some very generalized workout programs (build muscle or lose fat), some home workout programs, but very few workout programs focus on specific aesthetics.

This is where Rusty Moore and his program Visual Impact Muscle Building (VIMB) come in.

It doesn’t just focus on building muscle. It focuses on building muscle in  a very specific way to achieve a physique akin to a Hollywood celebrity.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – What is it?

So what is Visual Impact Muscle Building?

It’s a  super laser-targeted muscle building and weight loss course to help guys get that coveted Hollywood physique look.

So if you ever wanted a physique like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, or Daniel Craig then this is the workout for you.

But if your goal is to look like next Ronnie Coleman then this program isn’t for you .

Building an attractive body: Are you doing it wrong?

I’m not going to get into what an attractive physique is and isn’t because obviously everyone has a different opinion but I know I’m not far off when I say the majority of guys would rather look like a male model/celebrity instead of a bodybuilder.

Think GQ magazine cover versus FLEX magazine.

Typical advice for getting a great body

Go to the biggest guy in your gym and ask him how to get big.

Shrink Wrap effect workout
VIMB is perfect for getting this a body like this.

Chances are he’ll say something along the lines of eat 5000 calories per day, train 5 days per week, and focus on getting super strong in the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Of course I’m just stereotyping and exaggerating to a certain extent but this advice that’s given on a daily basis and it’s spewed across the internet and in magazines.

Is it bad advice? No, not if you’re trying to simply get big and huge.

But most guys don’t simply want to get big and huge. A lot of guys just want a lean and proportionate body that looks good in and out of clothes.

What happened to just trying to become really really ridiculously good looking without going overboard like a lot of bodybuilders do.

Rusty and his program Visual Impact Muscle Building turns the bodybuilding trend on its head.

His program isn’t concerned with simply gaining muscle. No, VIMB is all about gaining muscle in all the right places to sculpt your physique in order to achieve the “Hollywood look.”

How the workout is structured

VIMB is split up into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This phase is all about gaining as much muscle as possible through high volume, high rep work that fatigues the muscles.
  • Phase 2: Increase Muscular Density. This phase is about making strength and muscle gains. The amount of high rep work is cut down so you’ll be lifting more in the 5 rep range.
  • Phase 3: Max density and Definition. This is where you begin to lift super heavy weights (anywhere from 2-5 reps) and where you really begin shedding off any body fat and reveal your muscles.

I’ll be honest, if you’re fairly new to working out, the first phase will be pretty brutal since it’s relatively high in volume. And if you’re not able to get through the entire workout, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Just keep on improving each week and your body will eventually adapt.

It’s not just about the bench, squat, and deadlift…

One of the main points that Rusty constantly tries hammer home is that a great body can be built without the “Big 3” exercises. You don’t necessarily to bench, squat, and deadlift to build a Hollywod physique.

But most guys don’t simply want to get big and huge. A lot of guys just want a lean and proportionate body that looks good in and out of clothes.

In fact, doing too much squatting and deadlifting can actually hurt your chances of getting the Hollywood look.

Overdoing squats and deadlifts could potentially do the following to your physique:

1) Give you a super thick and wide waist. A lot of professional wrestlers have this look. They pack a lot of muscle and aren’t overly fat, in fact you even see a hint of their six pack. But when you look at their waist, it’s super thick and wide (like the dude below).

This is the result of too much squatting and deadlifting. These 2 exercises require a massive amount core strength and the heavier you go and the more you do them, your waist will begin to thicken up. This takes away from that lean and V-tapered look that we’re going after.

Visual Impact Muscle Building program
Visual Impact Muscle Building avoids the “thick waist” look

2) Give you an overly huge lower body. Again, this is due to too much squatting and deadlifting. Now don’t get all preachy on me and tell me how “real men squat” or give that “squat or go home” bullshit.

I’m simply laying down the facts, and that is, if your workout is mainly focused on boosting squat and deadlift numbers then you will more than likely one day have legs that are much bigger than you’d want and this can create a very imbalanced look in your physique. A lot of guys may not want overly massive legs and VIMB addresses that perfectly.


  • There’s really nothing else like this on the market. Most other workout programs are concerned with simply gaining muscle or losing fat with no focus on aesthetics.
  • Isn’t afraid of challenging many common fitness assumptions.
  • Great customizable program design split up into 3 phases.
  • Easy to print out workout charts so you never forget what to do.
  • Great exercise demo guide showcasing how to do every exercise in the program.


  • No exact meal plan given. Like Eat Stop Eat, VIMB doesn’t have an exact meal plan which is pro or con depending on the person. Rusty gives general calorie and nutrition info but nothing super specific in terms of actual foods is given.

Conclusion: Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

Final Score – 9/10

So overall, Visual Impact Muscle Building is awesome if you want a Hollywood body.

If you still live and breath the bodybuilder lifestyle and refuse to do a workout that doesn’t emphasize the squat and deadlift then this program is probably not for you.

Check out Visual Impact Muscle Building

Otherwise be sure to check out VIMB and drop any questions you have about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Hey Keith,

    Just purchased this, but have a bit of body fat to lose. Would I be better going straight to phase 2 or start from phase 1 and work my way through? I have very little muscle mass through inconsistent training

  2. Hi I just finished my first week of the program and I also played touch football for 40min on my off day. I tracked all my meals with my fitness pal and according to the IIFYM calculator I ate at a deficit all week and I gained 3lbs.

    I know it is only a week in but how is this possible?

  3. Hi Keith.
    thanks for your review of VIMB. According to VIMB, the first phrase is about heigh rep and high volume workout which claims that it would gain muscles. However, according to your another e-book, it seems like you disagree with this methodology. Here is your words, “Following a routine where you lift light weights for high reps is probably the worst possible way to get a ripped Hollywood body.
    It might give you a nice burn, but it doesn’t build or maintain strength.
    When you’re trying to get ripped, you need to maintain your strength since maintaining your strength is really the only way to maintain your muscle mass.”
    Then i don’t understand why you gave such a high score on VIMB then if you disagree with this way of building muscle. Your reply is much appreciated. Thanks, Chris

    1. Ah sorry maybe i should have made that clearer.

      VIMB is still great.

      High reps is good for gaining muscle, I was referring to fat loss. If you want to lose fat and get the most bang for your buck, you should lift heavier.

  4. Hey man huge fan of the blog . Thinking about picking up this program I think it would be perfect with the 16/8 intermittent fast and bcaa’s . Would there be any increase in calories on days I train Brazilian jiu jitsu assuming it’s the same day as a lift .. Thanks much for the time and again , awesome blog

  5. I have this book but it kinda confuses me. When shedding fat and get densed muscles we have to be in phase 3. But how about all those calisthenic people? They surely don’t do low reps and high weight because they don’t use weights. How did they get the same results then?
    Reason I ask is because I’m an natural endomorph so I do get big legs like crazy and build muscle without any problems. I think it depends on bodytype how a person is supposed to train. And I get the impression this books tries to be the 1sizefitsall solution. But I don’t think it works for every bodytype.
    The endomorphs like me, i read everywhere they have to do high volume and cardio everyday. But then this book says low reps, high weight.
    What do you suggest?

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