An Inside Look On The Beyonce Workout And Diet

November 13, 2013 | 32 Comments

Beyonce workout routine

Beyonce has always been known for 2 things – her singing and her ridiculously hot body. There are a lot of women out there wondering about her workout routine and how she stays in such great shape, and today I’m here to shed the light.

So what exactly is the Beyonce workout, and how can women use it to look like one of the most successful music artists alive. I have summarized the Beyonce workout with my thoughts on it below:

The Beyonce Workout

1) Beyonce works out 5 days a week and practices choreography 7 days a week.

Beyonce has stated that she trains 5x per week with a personal trainer. She will do about 30 minutes of cardio in the morning followed by 45 minutes of weight lifitng.

In addition to this, she also practices choreography 7x per week for 9 hours at a time.

My thoughts: This is pretty freakin ridongculous. I understand that Beyonce has to keep her body slim and her dancing skills sharp, but Beyonce is closing in on 70 hours of exercise per week. 

Even without the 7 days of dancing, Beyonce still exercises more than I recommend. With cardio and weights, I never recommend people to workout more than 4 days per week.

2) Beyonce runs every day

For 5 days a week, Beyonce will jog for at least 15 minutes per day. This is part of her warm-up routine and she uses it to help get her ready for the rest of her workout.

My thoughts: I’ve never been and never will be a fan of running. The calorie burn that you get from jogging is so insignificant that it simply isn’t worth the energy. Plus, running every day will sap your energy and won’t allow you to give 100% effort on your real workout. 

3) Beyonce does weight lifting

For her lower body, the singer has mentioned that she performs a bunch of lunges and squats, sometimes performing up to 100 reps each.

For her upper body, Beyonce will a mix of bodyweight movements and weight lifting. She’ll do the bench press, push ups, military press, as well as many other exercises to mix it up. Her arm exercises typically consist of dumbbell curls and machine tricep extensions.

My thoughts: This is pretty standard fare when it comes to celebrity workouts. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this type of weight lifting, but doing 100 reps of lunges and squats is quite very excessive. Even if you’re Beyonce, I can’t imagine any women who would actually need to do this much stuff for their lower body. I would never recommend this to a woman.

4) Beyonce does yoga

Beyonce stated in an interview that she does yoga once per week. This helps give her those killer legs and thighs

My thoughts: First off, I’ve never ever done yoga before in my life, so I’m not an expert on the subject. But I do know that while yoga is great for relieving stress and making you bendy, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do if you want to build a sexy body. Feel free to do yoga, just don’t make it your primary workout.

Beyonce body

A quick look at Beyonce’s diet

This is Beyonce’s diet in a nutshell:

  • Eat 6 small meals per day
  • Make sure to eat breakfast
  • Eat lots of veggies
  • No refined foods
  • No alcohol
My thoughts: And this my friends, is a prime example of why I absolutely HATE mainstream fitness info so much. There is simply no reason to follow any of the above statements, which by the way, have no scientific backing. I’m sure if you follow it, you will lose weight, but why put yourself through such misery. 

This is what you should do instead:

  • Instead of eating 6 meals a day, why don’t you just eat 3 meals a day. Don’t you know, meal frequency doesn’t matter.
  • Instead of eating breakfast, why don’t you just skip it, unless you really really like breakfast.
  • I guess I could stand behind the “eat more veggies” point, but it’s still not absolutely necessary.
  • Instead of limiting refined foods like doughnuts and candies, why don’t you just eat them. They’re tasty, and remember, the only thing that matters is how much you eat.
  • Instead of completely restricting alcohol, just don’t go crazy with it. Just have a few glasses of wine or a couple bottles of beers each night, but don’t get to the point where you’re piss drunk every night of the week.

A workout designed to help you get a sexy feminine physique

When you read this article, you might get the impression that I’m bashing on Beyonce’s workout and diet. Well…. that’s because I am.

Her workout is just so…. it’s so ridiculous and over the top. Working out for over an hour per day 5x per week is simply unnecessary for any woman who wants to look sexy. You could easily get the same results as Beyonce from just working out 45 mintues per day 3x per week.

If you want a workout program that requires much less work than what Beyonce is doing, then check out  The Venus Factor.

It’s really one of the best workout programs designed specifically for women to help them achieve a sexy body without getting too bulky. Don’t worry, there’s no excessive running or 100 rep squats in this program 🙂

For obvious reasons, I’ve never done this workout, but I know many women who have, and they look absolutely phenomenal. Definitely check it out if you want to look like Beyonce without actually doing the Beyonce workout.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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  1. Hey man. Sorry, I thought I went through your all your other articles but couldn’t find the answer. What do you advise instead of jogging to burn calories and get lean (besides lifting)? Thanks.

    1. Hey Mike,
      Honestly, the best thing you can do to get lean is to simply lift weights and eat less. But if you really want to do a little extra to help speed up the process, then you could do some type of HIIT(high intensity interval training).

      Here you could hop on a treadmill and sprint for 30 seconds, followed by 90 seconds of walking. You would keep alternating for 10-15 minutes. Once again, this isn’t necessary to get lean, it will just speed up the process a tiny bit.

      Hope this helps

  2. I have to disagree on point 2. 😛
    The calories burned with 15 mins of jogging are really not worthy of any mention, but running still remains one of the best activities to burn calories and shed pounds. How do I know? I’m a runner myself. I started running regularly 2 years ago and I was able to lose 33lbs (15kg) in a few months, before I reached the performance plateau I am experiencing now. Running almost every day IS my real workout, and the energy sap is just a matter of training. 🙂 It is harder at start when you never ran before, but it gets better.
    In my opinon, merely lifting weights won’t do anything for your extra fat, if it isn’t accompanied by a good cardio workout, just like merely running will make you eventually reach a plateau where your performance (and fitness) won’t get any better if you don’t start taking care of the core, being the upper part of the body.
    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

    1. Hey Kagemitsu,
      I’m not against running in any way. To me, there are a million ways to burn calories, and running is one of them.
      That’s awesome that you were able to lose 33lbs in just a few months. But I’m just saying, running isn’t 100% necessary.

      As for lifting weights, I believe that you should use weight lifting to build and shape your muscles, while using your diet to lose fat. Cardio can help speed up the process but it isn’t necessary.

      1. Are you a dietician? Or a doctor? Or a woman who understands how difficult it is for an adult female to keep fit and sexy? No? Then I’d shut up if I were you.

  3. Hey,

    I just wanted to ask you why you were going against everything Beyoncé does? This is her body maybe all of these excersizes work for her, maybe if she does ‘more excersizes than you recommend’ it will keep her healthy and maybe all of these excersizes isn’t just for loosing weight, it could simply be because she wants to look young, fit and healthy. Look, you need to respect that, you need to understand that she is a singer, she is famous and this excersizes she does may not work on everybody. Yes, I am a HUGE fan of Beyoncé’s and most of your ‘opinions’ I completely disagree with.

    Thankyou 🙂

    1. Zoya,
      I’m not totally against it. To me her workout and diet habits are just a bit too extreme for the average woman who simply wants to look good and be healthy. I don’t want women who look up to Beyonce to think that the only way to get in shape is by following her advice.

      I’m sure her methods work, but there are simpler and more effective methods out there.


  4. lol, I think her regimen is extreme (all that dancing!) but that’s why she looks so perfect and everyone else doesn’t.

    If you want Beyonce results, you gotta do what she does.
    I mean, you take a less intense approach to fitness and nutrition and look good, but you’re not gonna look BEYONCE good LOL.

      1. These comments on Beyoncè’s workout and diet are ridiculous. Yes, she works out far too excessively but 100 reps of lower body exercises are completely acceptable – if anything insufficient to tone the lower body (especially glutes) as there is no extra weight. 12 reps of squats or lunges would be more than enough if she had a 70 kilo bar on her shoulders. While running burns few calories, 15 minutes of running will burn FAT. Calories DO NOT make you put on weight as long as you eat below about 2100 of healthy calories and lots of protein. Burning calories is good, but burning your actual excess body fat – which 15 – 30 minutes of running in the morning before a meal DOES DO – it’s highly beneficial. I am disgusted by the comment of cutting out sugar and alcohol and eating freaquently makes us “miserable” did you know that the toxins in white refined sugar (fractose) WHICH IS HIGH IN ALCOHOL AND DONUTS actually releases chemicals in the brain which make us feel negative? The toxins in alcohol and high sugar foods are stored in fat to protect our liver and organs. This increases cellulite and the body fat %. Foods which have a high glycemic index and are of the same or similar carbohydrate to sugar ratio spike the insulin levels in the body and make us store WATER RETENTION. This cannot be burned off as it is not “calories.” 6 small meals a day keep the metabolism burning, actually, so you can burn more of your precious calories (which make no difference to your body fat %, sugar does)

        You also say less work is good and makes you sexier. “Bulky” is not sexy? Well to be honest doing LESS work will make women “bulky” because you keep all your body fat and then build muscle under it. Ouch, that’s awkward. Weight lifting however, burns body fat and tones muscle. A woman who does NOT eat refined “treats” and eats 1800 calories a day and does some heavy weight lifting (particularly squats) will tone, slim down and GIVE HER A BIGGER BUM. Not make her “bulky” body builder women and heavy weight lifter women have diets FOR that and do completely different workouts. The average woman will NOT look like a body builder or be “bulky” but will be “sexy” by squtting 80kg 3 times a week, eating enough and avoiding sugar, thank you.

        “The only thing that matters is how much you eat” are you STUPID? I actually feel sorry for you, you havw literally no knowledge of the body, health, fitness and the effects of the substances we putin our bodies, yet you think it’s acceptable to mislead people and criticise a lifestyle you know nothing about. You should be ashamed of yourself, get off the internet.

        1. Thank you! I was reading the comments the writer had on beyonces routine and I could not believe anyone could be so ridiculously stupid. I actually thought this was just a spoof or troll article. Just goes to show that just because the information is on the Internet it does not mean the author is credible or the author-take it down, you’re only misguiding people and proving your own lack of knowledge on health and fitness.

        2. Yes!!! I would actually like to see a picture of the person who posted this and their unknowledgable commentary. Better yet, what does your bloodwork say about your a1c, and vitamin/ mineral levels.
          Beyonce sings and dances on tour for months at a time, as her profession. She is doing her necessary work to excel at her job and maintain endurance. By the looks of it, she’s doing a phenomenal job!

  5. Hi,

    You would do better to tell us how to work out properly rather than bashing Beyonce. You criticized everything about her workout, why? What she does might be extreme for some women but good for her. You need to respect that. Learn to enumerate your own “magic methods” and show case it to us-with live examples of people who have benefited from them.

      1. Hey there! Just wanted to say thank you for putting your commentary out there….There’s a lot of people attacking you and name calling here, which is sad There’s lots of approaches to health and fitness, there’s no one “right” way. If you keep a moderately healthy diet, lift weights and do some cardio most days of the week, it’ll show. Moderation, conscious eating and realistic goals.

  6. You say you have never done yoga before but you also comment that it can’t be a primary work out. You are ignorant and completely wrong. I would like to see you in an Ashtanga class,

  7. i just clicked on the link for the Venus Factor presentation. Do you really need TRICKS, “one important supplement” and “one rare herb” to lose weight? Or you just need to shut your fucking mouth and eat less? For years and years i have been listening to various theories, contradicting advice, and became dissapointed and overwhelmed…

  8. I don’t think my weight problem is because of “LEPTIN RESISTANCE” or “INSULIN RESISTANCE” or (enter fancy term here) , it is because i have been eating like a pig.

  9. Oh Boy, some of the people on here just don’t get what u have written, you have given a rundown on Beyonce’s work out, you are not bashing her up! u are simply telling us, there is an easier way, no need for us to kill our selves for a week of Beyonce routine then give up and eat! Well i thank you for this article 🙂

  10. Although all the above factors are true everybod is different, I don’t lift weights anymore I do use my own body weight as my lift. I speed walk and do piyo. I plank in different positions and eat healthy I’m 48 and always am told how young I look and how I’m in shape. But for years my main drink is water and that’s really all besides green tea,so my point is whatever suits you go for it but be good at it and stick to a plan that works for you and eat healthy but don’t kill yourself doing it. Good luck.

  11. For goodness sake! Her routine is not for the average woman! It’s so blooming obvious. You should try to do as much exercise as possible and always push yourself. You have to eat breakfast or your metabolism slows down.


    Beyoncé’s practically an athlete. Her dance routines are very very energetic and a lot of some would collapse if they kept in time to her dancing at concerts. She has to workout so much to give herself the phsyical strength and stamina to do her choreography.

  12. Wth??! Skip breakfast??? what kinda author are ya? why would you advise people to skip breakfast unless they really really love breakfast just because bey doesn’t skip hers?? are you an expert in bodybuilding or something or you’re just an author who ….well is a #beyhater!

  13. Hell I totally agree with you know I don’t wanna kill myself I just want to look nice shoot I don’t want to spend all my time in the gym .I want to show my body off .

  14. This article is so stupid, you basically went against everything Bey does and gave advices on how to look good which are complete bullshit. “skip breakfast,” “eat candies they are tasty,” “15min jog is useless.” A person would have to be completely stupid to take your “advices” to heart. You are no expert, more like a troll who is here to hate on Bey lmao.

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