11 Predictions About The Fitness Industry By The Year 2020

March 25, 2014 | 10 Comments

Fitness predictions
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You might not realize this, but the fitness industry is fucked up.

With pretty much no rules, people and companies have the freedom to put out whatever product they want. The sexier and more complicated you product sounds, the more likely it’ll sell. As long as the product doesn’t kill people, then it’s good to go.

And I gotta say, that’s pretty sad. Innocent people are constantly being bombarded with false info and it’s getting harder and harder to pick out all the BS as time goes on.

People are being told that the only way to lose weight is to “manipulate” your hormones. That  doesn’t even make sense. It’s always lie after lie, and I don’t see these lies stopping in the future.

I’m not saying that the entire fitness industry sucks, because there are good guys out there who actually care more about helping people than just making a quick buck. Some of those people include Rusty Moore, Brad Pilon, JC Deen, and Martin Berkhan just to name a few.

But what does the future of fitness look like? Does it get even more messed up?

Here are my top 11 fitness predictions by the year 2020.

1) P90X5, Crossfit 2.0, and the Shake Weight 3 will all come out

Probability of happening – 9/10

I’m not against any of the above 3 workouts, except maybe the Shake Weight(it does give you a good forearm burn though).

There’s no denying the immense popularity of P90X, it’s arguably the most popular workout program in the world and with the upcoming release of P90X2, it’s only going to get more popular. And what does a company do when something is popular – they milk the hell out of it. And in the end, each iteration is going to be more of the same.

These days, there’s practically nothing you can do with a workout program that hasn’t already been done before. It’s all the same rehashed info.

It all comes down to fancy words and marketing(a.k.a. women showing cleavage, HD videos, and celebrity endorsements).

2) Fasting to lose weight will become more popular, but……

Probability of happening – 8/10

No one really invented intermittent fasting, but it didn’t start to become really popular until 2007 or so. That was when Brad Pilon first released his book Eat Stop Eat, and ever since then, it has begun to gain more and more attention.

But that attention hasn’t really hit critical mass. It’s popular among more underground fitness sites, but it still hasn’t gained the same level of recognition as the Atkins diet.

But I believe that’s all about to change in the next couple of years. I believe that companies are going to start promoting fasting as a form weight loss, however they’re only going do so in a very specific way.

If a company released a program telling people to fast for 24 hours like in Eat Stop Eat, then they got one hell of a problem. The problem is that there’s no money to be made. Just think about it. How much money will a company lose if they created a program that promoted NOT eating for an entire day? This would ruin companies that made breakfast products.

So to fix this problem, the company would likely release a variety of supplements that you are REQUIRED to consume during the 24 hours period. These supplements will most likely be zero calorie supplements that will most likely act as a means to help you burn more fat and preserve muscle. So in the end it’s not so much a 24 hour fast as it is a 24 hour period of supplementation.

3) Zero gravity workouts

Probability of happening – 3/10

I’m just spitballing here, but my guess is that by the year 2020, many gyms will have zero gravity rooms.

There will be new studies showing that workouts done in a zero gravity environment promotes up to 300% greater fat loss. Just think about it, we’ll have zero gravity kick boxing and yoga classes.

This is the future. Maybe.

4) A weight loss pill that actually works is released

Probability of happening – 1/10

The chances of a weight loss pill being released between now and 2020 that actually works without any side effects are pretty much close to zero. I just find it hard to believe that science will advance at such a rate that allows us to actually lose weight by simply swallowing a pill.

I’m sure there will be hundreds of new weight loss pills that will be released over the next couple of years, and most of them are going to fail.

In reality, most of the pills are probably going to get hundreds of people sick. It’s the truth, and I don’t want to sound mean, but people need to smarter than to believe that weight loss can be bought in a pill.

5) Dr. Oz will say something and people will believe it

Probability of happening – 10/10

Actually this one should probably go in my 10 Predictions About The Fitness Industry by tomorrow afternoon article.

To many people, mostly middle aged soccer moms, Dr. Oz is an authority.

He’s the definite go-to source source for fitness info since he’s um… a doctor. And let’s not forget that Oprah likes him and Oprah pretty much runs this world.

I on the other hand, find it hard to to respect him since he promotes stuff like lifting light weights for high reps and vegetarian diets.

6) Protein will be in everything

Probability of happening – 7/10

While the consumption of carbs and fat are widely debated, consuming a good amount of protein every day is pretty much a universal agreement.

This is why we’re going to see companies trying to incorporate protein into everything. I mean we already have the biggest douche on TV (a.k.a The Situation) promoting Devotion Vodka, which is a protein infused vodka.

It’s really only a matter of time before we start to see protein infused beers to drink post workout.

If this is the future, I may have to kill myself
7) Social media will dominate

Probability of happening – 9.5/10

Ten years ago, the only way to update people about your fitness journey was through the phone, email, or snail mail(almost forgot that even existed).

Nowadays, all you have to do is update your Twitter or Facebook status and within a matter of seconds, your fitness journey is updated to hundreds of people, most of whom you barely know.

And this all happened in the span of less than 10 years. With new web sites like Fitocracy and new iPhone fitness apps coming out every day, it’s pretty scary to think about what’s going to happen by the year 2020.

8 ) A new magical fat burning superfood will be discoverd

Probability of happening – 9/10

Look, we already have the acai berry which has already scammed people out of millions of dollars. Do we really need another superfood?

I personally hate superfoods. Not because they’re unhealthy for you but because of their incredibly overstated benefits and false advertising. People eat these foods thinking that it’s doing incredible things for their body when in reality its simply extra calories and viatimins that they probably don’t even need.

With that said, I’m guessing that at least 1-2 more superfoods on the same scale of the acai berry will be discovered by 2020.

My guess is that it’ll be some sort of vegetable found and used by a mythical Chinese clan that grew along the sides of the Great Wall of China.

9) Something related to 3D

Probability of happening – 6/10

I just know that something related to 3D and fitness is going be big over the next couple of years. It’s inevitable.

With 3D televisions becoming more mainstream, it’s only a matter time until you have virtual trainers standing in your living room.

10) People will go crazy for Paleo

Probability of happening – 7/10

Over the past couple of years, paleo diets have really taken off. It’s the diet that we were “meant” to eat since this was supposedly how our hunter gatherer ancestors ate. The diet is structured around grass fed meats, seafood, fruits, veggies, and nuts while it ditches processed foods like grains and refined sugars.

Only recently has more and more research shown that this the ideal diet to improve your health, and I don’t see that research to stop coming in. The paleo diet has already gained a huge following online, and once celebrities start endorsing it, it’s going to explode onto the scene.

Personally, I think it’s one of the more logical diets, but in the end, I simply watch how much I eat.

Do we eat like cavemen in the future?
11) People will continue to get fatter and fatter

Probability of happening – 11/10

Honestly, even with all the “revolutionary” diets and weight loss programs coming out over the next couple of years, I don’t expect the obesity rate to decrease AT ALL.

Why do I believe this? Because with every new program coming out means a new piece of information. It means a new piece of data, BS or not, to enter a person’s mind and only confusing them further.

I mean weight loss has never ever changed. It has always been been calories in calories out. There is nothing that can ever change that.

But every new diet that comes out simply draws the consumer away from that simple truth. Instead of simply learning about eating less to lose weight, the consumer is going to be forced to learn about useless crap like meal frequency, protein timing, and hormones. It’s not necessary to know about all the details.

What does this all mean?

Nothing really. These are just my predictions, some more realistic than others.

Basically, I see the future as this – fatter, more gimmicks, and more confused than ever.

And if my blog actually lasts until the year 2020, I’ll revisit and update this post. But with the whole end of the world thing happening next year, that may be a problem.

Let me know your fitness predictions by 2020.

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  1. Funny, I stumbled across your page looking for a fasting technique and a few different workout routines and came across this page while carousing your blogs. Looks like most of these are already starting to come true and there is still 6 years left… Its amazing how predictable things can actually be…

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