1 Simple Trick To Get Stronger At Any Exercise

April 5, 2022 | 25 Comments

get stronger at bench press

After lifting for a while, you’re inevitably going to hit some strength and muscle plateaus. But luckily, I’m going to show you what is hands down the easiest and most simply way to dramatically increase your strength on any exercise.

The BIG problem with bro splits

The typical bodybuilder bro split looks something like this:

  • Monday – Chest
  • Tues – Back
  • Wed – Leg
  • Thurs – Shoulders
  • Friday – Arms

…or some variation of that.

While this may be fine for guys who are juicing or even maybe some genetically gifted individuals, the majority people simply don’t see the best results when doing a program like this.

So on Monday for example, you’ll probably do something along the lines 15-20 sets just for your chest. That’s a lot of fucking chest work but trainers will tell you that it’s okay because you’re only training your chest once per week and you’ll have the next 6 days to recover (FYI, one of the best ways to recover is to optimize your sleep. And if you’ve been sleeping poorly make sure to check the temp of your bed…you want to make sure it’s cool and not hot. Here’s the best cooling mattress in my opinion.)

The main problem with this type of split is that you’re only training each muscle group once per week.

Whenever I do this kind of split, I rarely get stronger. Hammering out 20 sets for my chest only leaves me incredibly sore for the next 3 days and by the time I train chest again, I’m stuck at the same weight and can’t progress.

Just think about it logically, if you’re trying to get stronger at a specific exercise, does it really make sense to wait 7 days before the exercise again? Hell no.

Put a gun to your fucking head

I always love to use this example.

What would you do if I put a gun to your head and told you that you had to double your bench press over the next 90 days or I’m going to kill you?

Huh? What would you do?

Would you only do the bench press on international bench press day (a.k.a Monday) and wait 6 days in between while your life hangs in the balance or would you be the smart, logical person and do the bench press every freaking day?

If I had a gun to my head, I would be busting my ass off in the gym, bench pressing every single day, or at least multiple times per week.

1 simple trick to get stronger – perform the same exercise 2-5 times per week

Yup, my secret trick to getting stronger at ANY exercise is to do the exercise more often.

Mind blowing stuff, I know.

But unfortunately, so many people avoid training the same muscle more than once per week because they’ve been brainwashed by bodybuilders that doing so will risk over training.

One of the best ways to train is with a simple upper lower split so you hit your entire body 2x per week.

And once you hit a plateau after training 2x per week, you can up the dosage and start training 3, 4, or even 5 times per week. But I must warn you, when you start training the same muscle 3+ times per week, you absolutely cannot train to failure. You should aim for 2 reps short of failure, as this will allow you to consistently train the same muscle and still gain strength without over training.

How do you train when you hit a plateau? Leave a comment below.

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  1. hehe, I did not know international bench press day was Monday… Would you recommend training the same muscle group every other day to allow for recovery or there’s no harm in training everyday as long as you don’t train to muscle failure?

    1. Depends on your split… but training every other day is usually fine for increasing strength, just don’t train to failure.

  2. If I can do only 6 Pull Ups and Dips and have a really hard time doing so…will I not progress? I can’t do much, but should I keep trying until I can do more?

    1. If you stay at 6 reps, then yes, you will never progress.

      You shouldn’t have trouble progressing as you train consistently and eat good.

      1. I mean should I keep trying even though I can’t do much…I started the other day (been on lat pull downs, 80 lbs).

  3. I am following the same pattern ie, one muscle per day because iam getting maximum 1.5 hrs in gym in aday. Not only that minimum 3 sets of each reps are required. If I am switching to your plan, can i utilize that 1.5 hours by doing 3 sets of all exercise for all upper body muscles? Not only that I have heard that exercise for biceps and triceps shouldn’t be carried out on the same day.

  4. I used to split my training into days for each bodypart as described and it seemed to take me ages to progress in size and strength. 4 weeks ago I changed to upper/ lower body splits (both twice weekly) and my body is acting like I’m gearing up putting on 3lbs per week.

  5. Hey Keith,

    I like your website. Helping me out a lot. What is the set range I’m looking for on a upper/lower split per body part. Or is it all just to failure? Been doing the one body part a day for too long and it’s getting stupid boring and depressing.

    1. No, don’t just go to failure.

      My upper/lower split focuses around 75% on the 4-8 rep range. The rest is isolation work in the 10+ rep range. I find that works best for the majority.

      Upper/lower is fantastic. I’ve been lifting for over 8 years now and still make gains on it.

    1. depends on your experience level…beginners only need 1x per week. Intermediate/advanced lifters probably need 2x per week.

  6. I honestly agree with this article. When I train one muscle group twice a week, I’ve noticed that I get stronger and I see much better results. When I train one muscle area once a I week, I notice the next week that I don’t feel stronger nor weaker but no change. Thanks for busting these stupid body builder myths.

    1. Thanks Marl.

      You can definitely progress with 1x per week training quite well depending on how your training is set up.

      But sooner or later 2x or even 3x per week training might be needed.

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