Stop Watching What You Eat And Start Watching How Much You Eat

July 2, 2015 | 38 Comments

Is the bread whole-wheat? Doesn’t that have a lot of fat? Are you sure that’s good for you?

Seriously? I don’t give a fuck. These are all questions that my friends asked me as I chowed down on a Wendy’s double baconator, fries, and root beer which added up to about 1800 calories and 4-figure sodium levels.

So did I gain weight? Did my blood turn into acid? Did I screw up body beyond repair? Absolutely not. In fact, I actually lost weight that day. When I’m on a diet, I roughly consume about 2000 calories per day which puts me at a 500 caloric deficit. And because all I had to eat that day was an apple and a cup of coffee, it was physiologically impossible for those burgers and fries to be stored as fat.

And don’t think this was one of those 1x week cheat meals. If I wanted to, I could have eaten this meal everyday and still not gain any weight.

So why does everyone freak out and judge you when you eat a greasy burger with 6 slices of bacon? Is it a crime to enjoy one of the most awesomest fast food burgers ever?

I think not. As long as you watch how much you eat and stay in a caloric deficit, you can literally eat any foods you want and still lose weight.

Stop being bound to diet foods

My problem with most diets is that people tend to associate specific foods with specific diets

For example:

  • If you’re on a low carb diet then you can’t eat fruit.
  • If you’re on the paleo diet then you can’t eat grains.
  • If you’re on the adorable puppy meat diet then you can’t eat kitten meat.

Pretty much all diets out there have you restricting certain types of foods. This is all fine and dandy, but  there’s also absolutely nothing wrong eating good amounts of your favorite foods on a frequent, even daily basis.

All diets put such an INSANE amount of emphasis on the types of foods you should be eating, while putting the overall calorie deficit in the back burner.

As long as you are eating in a caloric deficit, you’re good to go.

So um… how’s that salad?

“But that’s not good for you”

I swear, if I hear 1 more person mention this phrase I may just clip off my left nipple.

I truly don’t believe that unhealthy foods even exist. A food is only unhealthy if you eat too much of it, so the phrase “eat in moderation” does have some truth to it.

People need to stop labeling foods as healthy or unhealthy. A 500 calorie Big Mac from McDonalds isn’t any more unhealthy than that 500 calorie whole wheat tofu wrap with organic tomatoes that your mom made you. That’s just not how the body works.

Food is energy no matter what it’s made of

Bottom Line

fat kid pizza food
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I know the recommendations that I make are a little “out there'” as far as fitness advice is concerned, but I’m just trying to filter out all the crap and make this stuff as simple as possible for you guys.

So the next time you eat something, just watch your calories and how much you eat. I’m not saying you have to eat a double baconator every single day just because you can. I simply want to free you guys from the “diet food” mindset and give you the freedom to eat anything you want.

BTW I don’t recommend eating a double baconator, large fries, and root beer in one sitting. Why? Because it’ll make you fall asleep instantly. Other than that, it’s pretty awesome.

Let know if you have any questions down below.

Note: Even if you guys read this article, I’m guessing you still don’t believe a single word I’m saying and think I’m full of crap for saying all calories are the same. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you. I’ll be going into much more detail regarding dieting and calories in future posts.

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  1. There’s only a few other fitness sites that I’ll actually read much less recomend, because most of it is garbage. It’s good to see that you’re doing this right. Keep up the good work man!

  2. You are absolutely right..
    I stopped all the bullshit of “eating healthy”
    I just count my calories (approximately)
    I even stopped doing heavy weights on a regular 3-4 times a week. But I do keep active. I bike t work eveyday which adds to about 40 mins of bike riding and I walk with my kids in the evening, and I found that I have not lost any muscle mass either which I find interesting. This tells me that as long as you watch how many calories you eat and keep at around 10% body fat like I do then traditional excercise is not that neccesary either.
    What do you think?
    Anyways it works for me…

    1. Hi Joe,
      Awesome job on not eating “healthy” anymore. Watching your calories is really where it’s at.
      Also, I’m not sure if I would recommend not doing any sort of traditional exercise.

      How long have you stopped lifting weights for? Because it can take a while before you even notice any visible muscle loss. Either way, I would recommend you try to keep somewhat active.

      I usually recommend people to at least lift heavy weights 2x per week and maybe do some light walking in between.

      1. I haven’t lifted weights since End of february, but I keep an active life style…I use my bicycle and walk alot.
        I keep track of my body fat and lean body mass on a weekly basis and I have not lost any muscle mass. In fact I went to the gym in the end of July ,and I was still lifting the same weight I was when I was lifting regularly on a 3-4 times a week.
        I really do believe that our body knows what to do as long as we keep at around 10-12% body fat.
        I sometimes go down to about 8% BF, but now that I am in my 40’s I find it makes me look to skinny, so I like to keep at around 10%.
        Every human body is different..People should just do what works for them…It took me many years before I realised what works for me.
        But I will be going back to the gym once the summer is over…I kind of miss lifting heavy weights.

        Anyways I just wanted to saythat you have a great blog and i really like reading what you write.
        SFinally someone I totally agree with when it comes to food..

        1. That’s awesome Joe. You’re right, everyone’s different so just do what works for you.

          And thanks, I’m glad you like the blog. I really enjoy writing on it and going against the mainstream fitness advice.

  3. I definitely agree, i was on a Low carb (EXTREMELY low) diet for quite a while and it yielded very minimal results. I was losing but i was always low on energy and quite miserable… I am just curious since you say you could typically eat what you want and lose weight as long as your calories are low. What if someone were to start a strictly donut diet or something? Wouldn’t that spike insulin and lead to diabetes because of the rapid sugar consumption? im just curious.

    1. Well, if it was simply doughnuts and nothing else, then it wouldn’t be too good. Since you would suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies and would probably lose a bit of muscle since doughnuts don’t have too much protein. But honestly, if you just take a multivitamin and supplement with a bit of protein then I don’t see anything wrong with going on a “doughnut diet”

      As for diabetes concerns, most cases of diabetes are caused by eating an excess amount of calories.

      I know what I’m about to say is a bit controversial, but as long as you watch your calories, you probably won’t get diabetes from eating mostly doughnuts.

  4. Great post once again, I am just looking through your archives and I really hope some more articles are to come as you have exactly the same beliefs in fitness as me. Keep up the great work and ignore the low carb haters.

  5. Great perspective, i’m going to put your weight loss tips into action. Just one question, i don’t have a gym membership and i want to weight train, do i need those machines or should i just buy the weights at workout at home?

      1. Well, yes, I like how you write.
        I like reading what you write.
        Then wether I believe what you say or not is irrelevant. I still enjoy your reasonings.

  6. Hi! I came across your website today and love every word you said. I had a question though. on the Eat Stop Eat, when you are not eating, are you supposed to be drinking a crap load of water??? or some kind of drink? to be honest I love my diet fountain soda 🙂 and it kind of fills me up….
    thanks again.

  7. I recently concluded that all that “dieting” was not working. I’ve never been a big eater and good about eating ONLY when I’m hungry. I love what Keith wrote and would like to know your website so I can continue being inspired by what you write. It’s about TIME someone writes a book with this sage advice

  8. How absolutely fabulous your blog is well that’s an understatement…..agree 100% with you on the calorie in take. Nobody is going to stop me loving a hotdog & bucket of wedges for tea 🙂

    1. thanks amber. However this post was written quite a few years ago and while the message is still strong, it shouldn’t be taken at face value. You should still eat mostly healthy foods to maximize nutrition and performance.

  9. I ate McDonalds every day for 5 years. Two double cheeseburgers, lrg fries. Lrg coke.I stayed very thin and physician said I was a poster child for perfect health. Now I eat healthy and have gained 20 pounds! Damn fruit! In the end, I’m consuming more calories than I did with McDonalds. I was happier too!

    1. That’s possible but and yes calories are very important, but most since writing this post I’ve now believe most people should aim to eat “healthier” foods.

  10. Great article man. I think the main point about eating healthy foods is that it often allows you to eat more (volume wise) because fruits, veggies and lean meats are not overly calorie dense for their weight. Eating a double baconator is absolutly doable but you cant eat much the rest of the day. So the issue is that for many it makes adhearance to a lesser cal count very difficult. I think the point your article makes is important and most people miss this most important detail.

    1. Ya you’re right. I just want to kill the stupid belief that you can eat whatever you want just because it’s “clean” and you’ll still lose weight.

  11. Dude nice article your fuckin funny but I’ve been trying to understand lately whether it’s what you eat or how much you eat ,and I sorta get your point . .

  12. The TRUTH shall set you free !! I have lost 70 pounds in 4 months eating whatever I want ! I just never eat more than 2500 calories a day . Cheeseburgers , fries , twinkies …whatever . And yes sometimes I crave fruits or vegitables , so that’s what I eat . People regain the weight they lose because they go insane trying to stay with “ healthy “ foods . Yes a calorie is a calorie ……that’s a fact !!!

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