Chris Pratt Workout For Guardians Of The Galaxy: 7 Secrets To Getting Super Ripped

While body transformations in Hollywood are nothing new, what Chris Pratt did in 6 months to prepare for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty amazing.

Chris pratt training

Chris went from looking fat and sloppy to sporting a lean and chiseled physique. So a lot of guys are probably wondering how they can duplicate Pratt’s results.

Getting a ripped body like Chris Pratt isn’t rocket science. It’s just a matter of eating healthy and training hard.

But there’s so much BS out there when it comes to getting a Hollywood physique, so here are 8 ‘secrets’ for getting a ripped body like Chris Pratt.

1) Set a damn deadline

As Chris said in his interview below, “…if you just bust your ass and get after it all it takes is about 6 months really. ”

I’m not saying it’ll take 6 months to have a body like Chris Pratt, it could take more, it could take less. Everyone’s begins at a different starting point. Deadlines are extremely powerful for reaching goals.

6 months is a damn good timeline to see amazing results. So set the deadline and don’t give up until you reach the end of the 6 months. Yes, I know you probably don’t have a 7-figure, multi-picture Marvel deal in the pipeline, but you have to motivate yourself somehow.

2) Lift heavy even when losing weight

Too many people make the mistake of switching from building muscle and lifting heavy to lifting 5 pound pink dumbbells for 50 reps once they start trying to lose weight.


Maintaining your strength should be your #1 priority when trying to lose weight. What do you think happens when you switch from pushing 100 pound dumbbells to 10 pound lady weights? That’s right, you lose strength, lose muscle, and look like shit.

I’m not saying you need to max out on every set, but the weight needs to be challenging.

3) Don’t think extreme dieting will make you get ripped faster

Yes, there’s a time and place for extreme bouts of dieting, but in general cutting down to 500 calories per day in hopes to getting ripped faster won’t work.

If you cut your calories down too fast, you risk the chance of losing muscle, screwing up your metabolism, and losing strength in the gym.

It’s much better to play the long game – aim to only lose about 1-2 pounds per week. As you get closer to your goal weight, you should only aim to lose about 1 pound per week.

4) Bulking doesn’t mean stuffing your face every day

When guys want to bulk up, they think they need to eat a lot more food and protein. And this is generally true.

But where most guys get it wrong is that they always overdo it and eat much more than needed.

Look, you probably don’t need to eat 5000 calories per day to gain weight. For those starting out, I would use the following formula:

Daily calorie intake to gain muscle = your BW in pounds * 16-18 cals per day. 

You can make incremental adjustments by adding 200 calories per week if you aren’t seeing results.

5) You can still drink beer and get ripped

Chris Pratt diet

Chris Pratt gave up beer in his diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to too.

1-2 beers won’t kill you, just like eating a hamburger or a slice of pizza won’t completely derail you diet. It’s all about sticking with your diet 80% of the time. So don’t freak out if you eat more ‘unhealthy’ foods every now and then.

Because if you don’t enjoy your diet, then I guarantee you won’t stick with it in the long run.

6) You can get ripped abs without doing a single crunch

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has very visible and sharp abs. This is due to having a low body fat percentage, but it’s also due to having very well developed ab muscles.

So how do you get abs that looks like that?

Well you could do 1000 crunches per day and hope for the best, but that’s boring and bad for your back.

Another way to get a great set of abs without doing a single crunch is by getting stronger and really focusing on contracting your abs during exercises.

For example, when doing the squat or bent over barbell row (or any movement done standing up), you really need to contract your abs hard if you want to use perfect form. If you don’t brace your abs during these exercises, your form gets all messed up and you won’t be able to use as much weight as possible.

And the more weight you use, the harder you’ll need to contract your abs, which translates to stronger and better looking abs. So as long as you’re getting stronger on exercises that involve your abs, you will have great looking abs with doing any ‘ab’ exercises.

Make sense?

7) Don’t complicate your workout

I don’t know exactly what Chris Pratt’s workout consisted of but your workouts shouldn’t be overly complicated. I do recommend lifting weights, but if you can’t hit the gym and need to build muscle at home, then I recommend a program like Bodyweight Overload.

I’m not going to get into too much of the nitty gritty, but check out the links below if you want some effective workouts I’ve written in the past:

Henry Cavill workout and Daniel Craig workout.

Both programs above are great for building muscle and losing fat.

8) Train for your goal (you aren’t a power lifter)

You need to train for your goal.

Power lifters train to get strong as fuck at a handful of exercises. They don’t care about how they look or how fat they get, they only want to get really strong.

Bodybuilders train to get as big and lean as humanly possible with or without drugs.

If you’re training to look like Chris Pratt, then I’m guessing you’re training mainly for aesthetics and want a lean and muscular body that isn’t too overly muscular like a bodybuilder.

If this is you, then you need to focus on building muscle smartly. Don’t keep focusing on getting huge legs if you don’t want huge legs. If you want a more aesthetic look, then focus on broadening your shoulder by adding more side lateral raises to your routine.

And if you’re really determined to getting that lean aesthetic Chris Pratt look (I hope you are), I recommend checking out Visual Impact Muscle Building, which was designed purely to help guys get that ripped Hollywood look.

How do you guys plan on getting a body like Chris Pratt? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Artimus says

    That’s a good tip on having 1-2 beers isn’t going to kill your gains. When I had read before that Chris Pratt gave up drinking beer for his workout, I was like,Nope not gonna happen!

  2. Pix says

    I think it’s misleading to tell some average guy that looks like Pratt in the before photos whose never been that fit in his life that it would be possible to achieve Pratt’s after photo look in 6 months…at least not naturally. Pratt’s been that fit and ripped many times before which makes getting from fat to fit again much easier. Can one achieve that type of leanness in 6 months? Yes, but they won’t have the muscle mass that makes him look so ripped. It would take years, especially at Pratt’s age. These secrets are great tips but, to your point, it would be a long-game — a couple years at least.

    • Keith says

      Obviously everyone begins at a different starting point. I’m not saying you’ll look exactly like Chris Pratt no matter who you are at the end of the 6 months, but there’s no reason why you can’t dramatically change the way you look at the end of 6 months.

  3. Matt Harris says

    I’ve started cycling 50 miles a day on the gym bike to loose weight. Been going for 29 days straight now without a day off. As of tomorrow though I will be adding a small weights circuit to my workout and building that up gradually as well. Chris Pratt is a huge inspiration to me so gonna try and look into what he did to change his appearance so much!

  4. Pix says

    Keith, I want to like your site and your advice. What’s not to like? Your whole mission of simplifying fitness for the everyman is refreshing and admirable. But, misleading stuff like this post seriously raise red flags and go completely counter to what you say you’re all about. To say it depends on your starting point (yeah, obviously) is a sweeping generalization and ignores the title and topic of your post. If this site is for the everyman, as you say, then realistic expectations should be brought to light. Posts and hype like this filled with unrealistic expectations stifled my progress for years. In your personal opinion, if you just saw an everyman guy like that looked like Pratt (not a professional entertainer) out and about, how long do you think it would take to look like the after photos following the secrets you laid out?

    • Keith says

      I’m not sure why you’re so upset.

      I specifically say early on in my post “I’m not saying it’ll take 6 months to have a body like Chris Pratt, it could take more, it could take less. Everyone’s begins at a different starting point. Deadlines are extremely powerful for reaching goals.”

  5. Pix says

    This is clearly going in circles and I’m sorry. Just delete my posts or ignore them as we’re clearly coming at this from very different points of view. I just thought your whole “about you” section was really cool and down to earth and wanting to avoid hype, etc. I guess I was wrong. No big deal. I’ll move on. Not upset here. Sorry you took it that way. You don’t have to answer my question or address my points if it upsets you.

    • Keith says

      I’m not upset at all.

      I just don’t understand why you’re saying my posts are filled with hype and unrealistic expectations when they’re not.

  6. Jon says

    So I’m a total noob looking to get into strength training/body building and I was hoping you could recommend some home equipment. I’ve heard free weights are best, so I was thinking of getting a set of adjustable dumbbells, a barbell with some Olympic plates and a rack+bench. Do you think that would be enough or do I need more? And are there any books/guides on the best exercises and how to do them properly you might suggest? Other than basic curls, I know absolutely nothing, so any info would be great. Thanks!

  7. I. Roy says

    Great tips, but you really didn’t have to make the ‘lady weights’ comment. There are tons of women who could knock your butt sideways with a single blow. Show some respect, don’t be sexist.

    • Keith says

      I wasn’t trying to be sexist in any way. I just don’t want guys to pick up the lightest weight they can find and do 100 reps with it thinking it will get them ripped.

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