Jason Statham Workout And Diet: Look Like The British Badass Himself

April 16, 2017 | 30 Comments

In the past 5 years, no actor in Hollywood has really been able to touch Jason Statham.

He’s THE Hollywood action star.

You don’t watch Jason Statham for his diverse acting skills. You watch him because he’s really really good at kicking people in the face.

Jason Statham has created a loyal fan base who not only love his movies but also envy his ripped physique.

Appearing in films like the The Transporter trilogy,  The Expendables, and the upcoming The Killer Elite; Jason Statham is an unstoppable action machine.

Jason Statham workout routine

But enough about movies, you want to know about the Jason Statham Workout, so here it is:

The Jason Statham Workout Routine

According to the interview I listened to, Jason does the following:

He trains 6 times per week with 1 day of rest

Each session will last about 35-45 minutes.

He has 2 training rules

  1. He never does the same workout twice.
  2. He records everything(rest time, weight lifted, etc…).

Part 1: warmup

Jason performs a 10 minute warm up with a rowing machine.

 Part 2: varied movements

He will choose 1 activity from the following: heavy lifting(deadlift/squat), light weight circuits, kettelball swings, or medicine ball exercises.

Part 2 workout examples:

1) Pyramid circuit of pushups, ring pullups, and bodyweight squats

  • Perform one round of the 3 exercises, starting at just 1 rep per exercise
  • Increase the rep count of each exercise by 1 until you hit 5 rounds(5 reps)
  • Go backwards now. Perform 5 more rounds, but start at 5 reps and lower your reps by 1 until you hit 1 rep again.

2) Deadlift workout

  • 8 total sets of deadlifts.
  • Start your 1st set at 35% of your 1RM(one rep max) for 10 reps.
  • Rest for 60 seconds after the 1st set and increase your weight by approximately 10% each time until you hit your 1RM. Perform 5 reps for the 2nd set and rest for 2 minutes.
  • Follow this rep order: 10 reps for 1st set, 5 reps for 2nd set, 3 reps for 3rd set, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.
  • Rest time should be 3 minutes for all sets after the 2nd set.

Part 3: interval training

For his interval workout, he would perform 6 five-hundred meter sprints with 3 minutes of rest in between.

Part 4: cooldown

In the final stage, Jason will perform a cooldown on a trampoline.

Here, he will do 10 minutes of freestyle aerial work.

My thoughts on the workout routine

Here’s the thing, as much as I like Jason Statham, if you’re simply looking to look like Jason Statham and not perform like him, then you could probably afford to skip the circuit training and intervals.

Remember he’s a action superstar that performs highly physical and dangerous stunts. I’m not saying that circuits and intervals are bad, but they’re probably unnecessary for the average Joe who just wants to look like a badass.

In that case, I recommend Superhero X12 my fat loss course designed to help guys build and aesthetic Hollywood body like Jason Statham.

[Another year, another movie with Jason Statham punching dudes]

Jason Statham Diet

Staham has a couple of rules when it comes to his diet:

  • Don’t go over 2000 calories per day
  •  Eat 6 small meals per day every 2-3 hours
  •  No carbs or junk food
  •  No booze
  •  Track all your food intake in a journal

My thoughts

I can sum up Jason’s diet in 1 word: Typical

  • Tracking your food and calorie intake is a smart move but beyond that, his diet is your typical Hollywood celebrity “clean food diet”
  • Will eating 6 meals per day help you lose fat? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. You can lose just as much fat from eating 1 meal as opposed to 6 meals per day.
  • Also, you really don’t need to restrict carbs and alcohol. What’s life without some beer and cookies? Celebrities like Statham love to go super hardcore when dieting but it’s really unnecessary. Just use moderation and you’ll be fine.


Don’t get me wrong, Jason Statham is an incredible actor and athlete, but I’m guessing most guys simply want to look like Jason and don’t really care if they have his level of conditioning.

Most of us don’t have to leap off buildings, fight 10 dudes at once, and engage in high speed car chases.

If you simply want to have the badass muscular look like Statham without having to do all the conditioning work, then I recommend checking out Superhero X12, my own personal program which has helped me skyrocket my strength to elite levels while dropping body fat like clockwork.

What do you think about Jason Statham’s workout? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Out of the numerous film stars, Stallone inspired me via his movies beginning with Rocky and moving forward. When he was training for Rocky III, he apparently drank 45 cups of coffee, the toast and oatmeal cookies, plus some aminos. Given this man’s work ethic and tenacity, I can believe it, was done for a short period but not for months on end. He even admits now it was a stupid way to diet but at the time he was hellbent on getting near 2% Bodyfat. The fact that he is still in remarkable shape at over 70 years old is a testament to his dedication.

    As for Jason, I love this guy with his i don’t give a f@@k attitude and intensity onscreen and dedication to training. I realize this is a strict diet, but I’m sure when he’s not filming he loosens up a bit and I know the man loves his beer. Also, I’m sure no actor or athlete can keep up a rigid routine year ’round because after a while, you just end up hating life.

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