Jason Statham Workout And Diet: Look Like The British Badass Himself

April 16, 2017 | 30 Comments

In the past 5 years, no actor in Hollywood has really been able to touch Jason Statham.

He’s THE Hollywood action star.

You don’t watch Jason Statham for his diverse acting skills. You watch him because he’s really really good at kicking people in the face.

Jason Statham has created a loyal fan base who not only love his movies but also envy his ripped physique.

Appearing in films like the The Transporter trilogy,  The Expendables, and the upcoming The Killer Elite; Jason Statham is an unstoppable action machine.

Jason Statham workout routine

But enough about movies, you want to know about the Jason Statham Workout, so here it is:

The Jason Statham Workout Routine

According to the interview I listened to, Jason does the following:

He trains 6 times per week with 1 day of rest

Each session will last about 35-45 minutes.

He has 2 training rules

  1. He never does the same workout twice.
  2. He records everything(rest time, weight lifted, etc…).

Part 1: warmup

Jason performs a 10 minute warm up with a rowing machine.

 Part 2: varied movements

He will choose 1 activity from the following: heavy lifting(deadlift/squat), light weight circuits, kettelball swings, or medicine ball exercises.

Part 2 workout examples:

1) Pyramid circuit of pushups, ring pullups, and bodyweight squats

  • Perform one round of the 3 exercises, starting at just 1 rep per exercise
  • Increase the rep count of each exercise by 1 until you hit 5 rounds(5 reps)
  • Go backwards now. Perform 5 more rounds, but start at 5 reps and lower your reps by 1 until you hit 1 rep again.

2) Deadlift workout

  • 8 total sets of deadlifts.
  • Start your 1st set at 35% of your 1RM(one rep max) for 10 reps.
  • Rest for 60 seconds after the 1st set and increase your weight by approximately 10% each time until you hit your 1RM. Perform 5 reps for the 2nd set and rest for 2 minutes.
  • Follow this rep order: 10 reps for 1st set, 5 reps for 2nd set, 3 reps for 3rd set, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1.
  • Rest time should be 3 minutes for all sets after the 2nd set.

Part 3: interval training

For his interval workout, he would perform 6 five-hundred meter sprints with 3 minutes of rest in between.

Part 4: cooldown

In the final stage, Jason will perform a cooldown on a trampoline.

Here, he will do 10 minutes of freestyle aerial work.

My thoughts on the workout routine

Here’s the thing, as much as I like Jason Statham, if you’re simply looking to look like Jason Statham and not perform like him, then you could probably afford to skip the circuit training and intervals.

Remember he’s a action superstar that performs highly physical and dangerous stunts. I’m not saying that circuits and intervals are bad, but they’re probably unnecessary for the average Joe who just wants to look like a badass.

In that case, I recommend Superhero X12 my fat loss course designed to help guys build and aesthetic Hollywood body like Jason Statham.

[Another year, another movie with Jason Statham punching dudes]

Jason Statham Diet

Staham has a couple of rules when it comes to his diet:

  • Don’t go over 2000 calories per day
  •  Eat 6 small meals per day every 2-3 hours
  •  No carbs or junk food
  •  No booze
  •  Track all your food intake in a journal

My thoughts

I can sum up Jason’s diet in 1 word: Typical

  • Tracking your food and calorie intake is a smart move but beyond that, his diet is your typical Hollywood celebrity “clean food diet”
  • Will eating 6 meals per day help you lose fat? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. You can lose just as much fat from eating 1 meal as opposed to 6 meals per day.
  • Also, you really don’t need to restrict carbs and alcohol. What’s life without some beer and cookies? Celebrities like Statham love to go super hardcore when dieting but it’s really unnecessary. Just use moderation and you’ll be fine.


Don’t get me wrong, Jason Statham is an incredible actor and athlete, but I’m guessing most guys simply want to look like Jason and don’t really care if they have his level of conditioning.

Most of us don’t have to leap off buildings, fight 10 dudes at once, and engage in high speed car chases.

If you simply want to have the badass muscular look like Statham without having to do all the conditioning work, then I recommend checking out Superhero X12, my own personal program which has helped me skyrocket my strength to elite levels while dropping body fat like clockwork.

What do you think about Jason Statham’s workout? Leave a comment below.

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  1. How can he survive on such an intense training program on only 2000 calories a day?
    Would a guy with his size and fitness level, not have a higher maintenance level?
    I know he’s probably cutting but still, 2500 or 3000 is not a lot for him. Or am I wrong?


    1. 2000 calories isn’t that little…pretty standard for a lot of guys his height and weight.

      That and he’s getting paid a shit ton of money to stay in shape, so you can say he’s more motivated than most.

  2. Im surprised also that he doesn’t much. I have an extremely fast metabolism so I eat around 3000 calories on average a day and im still 9stone 2, and 6 foot. I really struggle to gain weight. can you recommend a workout to gain around 2 stone of muscle?

    1. 2 stone is a lot of actual muscle. Are you sure you’re really eating 3000 calories per day consistently, most guys who say they eat a lot but can’t gain weight are actually eating very little.

  3. Yeah except weekends I eat around 2000. It is a consistent 3000 as I roughly eat the same every working day and have calculated it before. still any advice? without the obvious I don’t want to use shakes.

  4. Jason’s workout sounds wicked. Sure you may not be an action star but why reap half the rewards? Reading this article and the line “if you want to have that badass look without doing the conditioning work”…. My respect for this article was lost there.
    Toughen up and don’t be a lazy sod. You wanna look like this; you do it the right way. The hard way. No shortcuts. Don’t be lazy and cheat yourself. It’s the people with that determination who makes things happen in life, which explains, if everyone agreed with this article, just why people give up so easily.
    It’s just that simple.

  5. whooever the journalist who wrote this review/piece is needs to do a little bit of research into nutrition and training modalities. With the exception of performing cardio within his resistance training session, Stathams workouts are pretty accurate for what he wants.

    Secondly his diet of 6 meals every 2-3 hours is perfect and may not help loose him fat mass but certainly helps maintain and facilitate growth of lean muscle mass. Suggesting one meal per day to be just as good as six is completely flawed and pretty ridiculous.

    Finally 2000kcal is probably pretty accurate again. Stathams resting metabolic rate is probably 1500kcal which means he has 500 to play with. His workout probably covers that and with the regular intake of protein he is probably utilising a caloric restriction in the correct way.

    The journalist here really should have done his research

    1. “his diet of 6 meals every 2-3 hours is perfect and may not help loose him fat mass but certainly helps maintain and facilitate growth of lean muscle mass”

      There’s no truth to that statement.

      1. Read the following as “truth to that statement. Three heavily cited and regarded publications by two different research groups.




        The latter showing that to stay in an anabolic state, muscle protein synthesis needs to be triggered every 3 hours (approx). The former is then showing that regular protein ingestion does indeed increase MPS.

          1. The blog referrenced seems to only be speculation as opposed to fact. However, there is evidence to suggest that maybe a blous consumption of protein just as effective. However with the body of literature utilising the idea of 5 meals a day to upregulate muscle protein synthesis and stop te effects of catabolism, surely it’s evidence enough to suggest that this method upregulates muscle growth. Furthermore, the leucine content plays an integral role in stimulating the mTOR complex and therefore the regular digestion or proteins rich in leucine add tote bodies ability to trigger muscle protein synthesis as opposed to degradation.

            Food for thought none the less.

            Sent via iPhone

          2. if you read the post, you can clearly see the studies referenced. It’s not just speculation. And i completely agree with leucine content being important, but your main argument is against meal frequency not leucine content and the quality of the protein.

  6. In my personal opinion the body of literature clearly supports te use of regular (3 hours) high in leucine and protein content.

    Secondly most research and suggested application of research is speculation.

    Annecdotaly speaking as well I completely agree as support the use of five to six meals a day.

    1. That’s fine if you want to believe eating protein every 2-3 hours is needed. There’s no point in me trying to convince you otherwise. Best of luck.

      1. im with you on this kieth, im a kickboxing instructor and due to competing etc i know a thing or two about nutrician as ive lived it and the truth is in the pudding so to speak,
        its a waste of time eating 6 small meals of protein a day,
        it simply complicates your life with no added bonus,
        when im toning down to get ripped ill eat the 3 meals a day breakfast consisting of maybe tuna salad , and lunch possibly boiled chicken, with veg, and brown rice, and dinner will possibly consist of more tuna or chicken with more veg or very little pasta or rice, not eating after 7pm,
        drinking consist of water, green tee or sometimes black coffee, my energy levels are high, im shapping up very fast and its not complicated, if ive learnt anything over the years when keeping in shape is keep it simple, even when doing this il have sundays as a cheat day and eat cake or ice cream just to treat your weeks work. most of these celebs dont eat or train continuosly as they make out they do, you see pics of them statham included when out and about and suddenly those arms and shoulders have disapeared and so has the 6 pack, its not a fulltime regime as they claim.

  7. Also, the argument about meals not being fully digested until approx 5hrs post consumption is kind of irrelevant. A paper by Stuart Philips in 2009 shows that whey and soy digest quickly and release amino acids quickly. Supporting the MPS rise within an hour of consumption. This then drops of within 3 hrs to leave the body in a catabolic state.

    So regular protein ingestion is needed to continue being in an anabolic state?

  8. And if without being pedantic about it, Stuart Philips research group has just had published te following paper showing that regular protein ingestion (albeit with resistance training) helps to continue MPS.


    This is just my opinion and at the end of the day what is research without opinion.

    It’s all food for though anyway. Two sides to one argument.

  9. No offence but this article is stupid. If you can sacrifice drinking and bad foods to get an insane body, well then you may as well settle for Okies. If you want to have the “badass look without doing any conditioning” or restricting yourself , ha good luck.
    Cookies/beer or body? It’s really quite simple.

      1. I have no doubt you can eat cookies and drink beer and get ripped. I’m totally sure thats possible.
        BUT, you’re not going to be as fit and as ripped as the people who don’t..
        so i guess its a matter of priorities.

        1. Not necessarily.

          From a strict body composition standpoint, a cookie won’t make you any fatter than a piece of whole grain bread or oatmeal assuming calories are equal.

          And beer is fine as long as you don’t overdo it.

  10. You can’t eat 2000cal a day at around 80kgs & expect to gain muscle, he might have eaten that amount close to the end of his train, just before filming started, but thats a weight loss diet.

    Have a look at any body building diet for muscle growth you need more than 2000cals to gain muscle & most of the readers wouldn’t be guys that already have Statham’s muscle size & just looking to lose an few pounds to get into great shape, most need and would want to gain musle as well, try 3000cal to 3500cals of good quatlty food which is high in protien and you need a moderate amount of carbs to get you through all the training, rice & vegetables which are complex carbs are great & needed to give you the energy for hard workouts.

    Yes eat 6 times a day but you need to eat even 3500cals to 4000cals if you are thin, or 3000cal if you are heavier or you’ll never gain good muscle growth.
    Iron men eat 5000cals or more a day as they do a lot of cardo, it all depends how much training your going to do.

    Just dont forget to eat protien and count your cals to be safe.

    1. This was info taken years ago from mensheatlh, i’m sure he does something different now.

      And 2000 cals is arbitrary. It all depends on your current weight and experience. A total skinny newbie can gain weight even if they ate in a deficit as long as their training is on point. It’s not optimal but you’ll still gain muscle simply due to the new training stimulus

  11. I’ve seen Jason at the pub. Sinking pints. For an entire sunny summer afternoon.
    All cool by me, but ‘no booze’ is a complete lie.

  12. “All this disagreeing about what Jason
    Eats, how he trains & counting calories?”
    I’m 68 yes old, female & I’ve watched, listened, seen Photos of my Icon’ …it’s obvious that Jason Didn’t write this article…any diet has firm list And isn’t always followed to the letter.
    I’ve seen & heard what Jason likes to eat and drink.
    I believe Jason follows the diet guide for the most part but each person is different in what type if foods–type of exercise Jason likes.
    With any type of diet & exercise your gonna get tired & want to change things up s little, otherwise your trying to clone–robot size this gentle giant.
    There are pictures of Jason carrying wine bottle to his car after hard day after dirt stunt routine
    Then he’s stated; in this article Jason doesnt count calories & hates that. He also changes his work out & training sessions to keep from being bored.
    Understand that ONLY JASON KNOWS for sure what he eats, drinks and I don’t blame him for being one in charge of hiself.
    He already knows how to keep his muscles Ripped’ (sorry Jason), and he knows when to rest, only he & his body knows.
    Sorry I don’t need to hear about exercise
    sequences-I’m sure he’s got his routines and all figured out cause he’s been preparing for swimming routines & always been fit–he knows his body-and knows how to discipline himself cause he’s been doing this a long, long TIME”
    Moderation is key in drinking & if he didn’t go by book in everything I wouldn’t be surprised.
    He’s trying to be healthy so he can perform being rigid to a letter assumes Jason is perfect and he is not by me listening to his purpose & goals I know he loves what he does because he’s in charge of his workout & his health.
    This is why Jason is successful–he takes care of business, his business. Moderation is key in success of anything in life and Jason is the living proof”
    I don’t want to call you morons but I don’t blame you for trying to figure out a man successful in his own right at what he does–kicking butt”

  13. ive seen pictures of statham when he isnt filming and trust me he doesnt look like a man that lives this regime, i have read when stallone was trainning for rocky 3 he allegedly lived on a slice of burnt toast and a single piece of fruit or something ? now this is purely stated to enhance the alleged hardship of what he went through to achieve this look, its all bullshit, the body training at such high intensity would shut down within afew days doing that let alone months as was claimed.its all said to help build a stigma about the celeb in question,
    jason when not filming does keep healthy to a certain level otherwise it would mean so much more work when a movie comes up, but he certainly doesnt live eat or train religeously like it is claimed, newsflash most celebs dont soon as filming has wrapped they do pig out on their pizza,s and beer, and if you look it up you will see jason is a typical english lad, he likes a beer and a laugh or two. so dont believe all the hype everyone.

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