How Much Weight Can I Lose In A Month? Here’s The Brutally Honest Truth

January 22, 2017 | 244 Comments

how much weight can you lose in a month


Chances are you’re reading this article right now because you are desperate.

You are sick and tired of the way you look.

You are fed up with being overweight, unhealthy, and feeling like shit.

You want results and you want them now.

You’re just starting out so you want to know how much weight will you be able to lose in a month.

But more specifically you want to know the MAXIMUM amount of weight you can lose in a month.

And you want to do it with as little work as humanly possible.

Now I could easily draw out this intro paragraph a bit longer and tell you how the world and the government has fucked you into being overweight.

I could tell you how it’s not your fault.

I could tell you that all you need to do is sign up for my $97 program and you’ll be able to lose 50 pounds in a single month with zero dieting, 20 minutes of exercise, and less effort than hitting resume on the season premiere of Orange is the New Black.

That would be the dream, huh?

Well that’s because it is a dream.

“How much weight can I lose in a month?” Why asking this question already guarantees you’re fucked

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The mere fact that you’re asking this question shows flawed thinking.

If you’re asking “how much weight can I lose this month,” you’re basically telling yourself, “I want this weight loss crap to be over as fast as humanly possible.”

And that’s totally understandable.

When you’re first getting started, no one wants to diet and exercise.

It’s not a sexy and enjoyable thing to do.

But if you’re looking for ways to lose the maximum amount of weight in a month, 2 months, 12 months or whatever…

…then you’re telling yourself that you don’t want to put in the work after that time period.

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You’re telling yourself “Okay, I’m going to exercise 6x per week and eat nothing but salad for the next 30 days.”

But after those 30 days, we all know what happens.

Everything goes to the shitter.

Your old shitty eating habits come back up, you stop exercising, and surprise, you gain back what you lost in a matter of days.

But this should really come to no surprise.

You essentially fucked yourself from the beginning.

Deep down you knew you could never sustain your insane workout/diet for the month.

What’s the maximum amount of weight someone can lose in a month?

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Okay let’s give some practical advice.

Here’s what you can realistically expect to lose if you’re just starting a weight loss plan:

The more weight you have to lose, the more you will initially lose.

If you are 100 pounds overweight, you’ll probably lose up to 20 pounds in your first month.

This is simply because you have more bodyweight to lose.

That and you’re going to lose a lot of water weight.

But if you are already pretty lean and have 10 pounds to lose, you might only lose 1-2 pounds in a month.

Most people will lose 1-2 pounds per week

Note how I said just said “pounds.”

This isn’t pure body fat.

The first week you will more lose more water, then it tapers off to 1-2 pounds per week.

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Once you get to those last 5-10 pounds, weight loss can slow down to as little as 0.5 pounds per week.

Weight loss is not linear

weight loss linear

As much as we want it to happen, weight loss is not linear.

This means you are not going to lose 1 pound per week for 12 weeks until you reach your goal weight.

You’ll go some weeks losing 1-2 pounds per week, then go 2 weeks without losing anything.

The secret is to stay consistent and trust the process.

30 days is not enough time to see big changes in your body

Sorry to crush the dreams of everyone reading this article, but 30 days is not nearly enough time to see huge changes in your physique.

I’m not saying you won’t see results.

But seriously, what were you expecting to happen in 30 days?

Professional fitness models give themselves up to 20 weeks to get shredded and you want that in 30 days?

Get the fuck out of here.

Instead of 1 month goals, use 1 month checkpoints

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Trying to lose the maximum amount of weight in 1 month (30 days) never works because you’re not focused on creating life long habits.

It’s why people who try to lose weight for a wedding or high school reunion immediately put back on the weight afterwards.

They’re so focused on getting in shape by the end of the month that they have know idea what the hell they’re going to do afterwards.

So how do you beat this?

Instead of setting 1 month goals, set 1 month checkpoints.

1 month checkpoints remove the stress and pressure of having to hit some ridiculous goal at the end of the month.

It helps you refocus your mental energy and really gives you a sense of accomplishment every single month.

Here’s an example:

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1 month goal: “I need to lose 10 pounds in the next month.”

1 month checkpoint: “I will make healthier food choices and stay within my daily calories.”


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1 month goal: “I will never eat sugar again this month.”

1 month checkpoint: “I will reduce my sugar intake slightly and focus on staying within my calories.”


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1 month goal “I will go to the gym 6x per week for 2 hours at a time.”

1 month checkpoint: “I will go the gym at least once this week then 2x next week, then 3x the following week. As long as I’m improving, I’m good to go. ”


As you can see, the whole point is to take incremental steps towards your goal instead of trying to take one massive leap and fall flat on your face like most people.

So bottom line: Use 1 month checkpoints to create momentum and crush any long term goal.

Your 3 step battle plan to losing the max amount of weight this month (and the rest of your life)

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Step #1: Create a calorie deficit

The cornerstone of any diet is a calorie deficit. This means you need to eat less than your burn in order to lose weight.

Most people can start with getting about 10-12x your bodyweight in pounds for their daily calorie intake.

You would need to slightly adjust down if you aren’t initially losing weight.

If you want to lose weight faster, you would start at 10x.

But please note that the lower calorie you go, the harder it gets since hunger will be greater.

Step #2: Get your macros (and micros) under order

Macros are your protein, carbs, and fats.

In order to preserve muscle mass as well as regulate hunger, you should aim to get a minimum of 0.6 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight if you’re relatively sedentary.

If you’re doing heavy weight lifting like I recommend in Superhero Shredding 2.0, then you would need to bump that up to 0.8 grams.

Step #3: Set realistic expectations

Arguably the most important step in this whole process.

Most people know that they need to eat less crap and exercise more in order to lose weight.

Where 99% of people screw up is they’re unrealistic, lazy, and really just too much of a pussy to put in the work.

Sorry, some one had to say it.

Anyone can chase the goal of losing 5-10 pounds in a month but how many can maintain those results for the next 6-12 months? How about 6-12 years?

Most can’t.

That’s why expectations are so important.

You can’t expect a miracle in a month. The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be.

So what exactly the brutally honest truth?

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It’s this:

  • If your mentality is “What is the maximum amount of weight I can lose this month?” then you already lost. You will never be successful at losing weight unless you approach it with a long term mindset.
  • The stories you hear about people losing 30+ pounds per month almost never happen unless you’re morbidly obese.
  • Weight loss is not linear. You always lose more in the beginning, level out to about 1-2 pounds per week in the middle, and weight loss slows down to a crawl in the end. Always.
  • Stop searching for the fucking “secret.” It doesn’t exist. Just like becoming a millionaire or finding that perfect girlfriend who’s hot, smart, and kind, there’s no secret. The “secret” is that there is not secret. It’s all about having consistency, grit, and determination to get what you want.

What’s your biggest struggle with losing weight? Drop a comment below and let me know. I’m glad to help.

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  1. Hey I’m Tony 39 5’8 I weigh 300 I wear 44in waist 2x shirts I wanna lose 60-80 lbs.I’m pretty active only major concern is I get palpitations I wore a holter monitor and Dr said they weren’t bad palpitations I consume bout 6-7 pops daily and consume round 3000 calories I weighed 250 when I was 18 what should be my best plan for getting down to 240 realistic timeline calorie count etc please advice

    1. The simple answer is to simply cut back on the amount of food you’re eating (i.e. eat fewer calories)

      But if you get palpitations, I would consult a doctor.

  2. The advice is valid only for the group of people who lose motivation quickly, or who cannot lead a disciplined life. Whenever I try to lose weight (or, to be precise, that is never my goal; my goal is to lower body fat once a year or every so often), I always think in the “how many per month” mode. It helps with focus and timing. I could not possibly set vague goals such as “I am going to improve my eating habits”. A clear goal is indispensable for me. And statistically speaking, I cannot be alone out there. “One size fits all” advice is never good.

    1. I totally agree with you, Jan. I have been watching my weight for my whole adult life and have never been overweight, but I searched this because I want to lose just a few pounds to get leaner and wanted to understand more about how long this would realistically take. Just because I want to know how much one can healthfully lose in a month doesn’t mean that I am not in health for the long-haul, and I don’t think it implies you will gain it back or have the wrong mindset to set a month-long weight loss goal.

      1. having a month long goal is fine. The big question is, what happens at the end of the month?

        Say you lose 5 pounds in a month (your target goal), awesome!

        But then what?

        MOST people will regain those 5 pounds in matter of weeks if they revert back to old habits.

  3. I am 5ft 4ins and probably weigh 140 pounds. In the past I have never been over weight, not even when I was pregnant.

    II do not like the feeling of being over weight and I want to change this.

    I have had a lot to contend with over the last few years, but that has become an excuse.

    I am aiming to start a new career in nursing care and need to be fit and healthy and I do not want to be fat.

    I know I need to make the commitment to do this, as no one else can do it for me.

    I have always been physically active, but have let that slide.

    Your posting has caused me to think long and hard about what I really want.

    I do not desire to be the way I am.

    My sport was long distant running and whilst I have some physical limitations there is no reason I cannot do some out my
    cardiovascular vascular work and weight training with some care

    Your posting has inspired me to really do something about my situation, so I thank you for that.

    Kind Regards

    Maddie TRR

  4. Hi
    I really enjoyed reading your article , thanks
    I was searching the web for inspiration. I know I can lose weight as I’ve lost and then gained the weight back so many times before . I do believe in setting short term goals as it keeps me focused. Now I wanna lose again and thinking here we go again ( probably not the best mind set at the moment ) I know it tastes better to feel thin than it does to eat cake and feel fat . But then that only happens for me when I start really enjoying loosing weight . I find starting the hardest, then I really do enjoy eating healthy and seeing results. I imagine where I want to be and has to be the most important thing in my day to stick to my diet plan

    1. It depends entirely on your starting point.

      If you have 20 pounds to lose, then yeah, you will lose about 1 pound per week.

      If you have 80+ pounds to lose, you might lose 5+ pounds the first week due to the water weight lost.

  5. I’m 16 and im doing the 50 calories a day diet or less, i basically restrict myself from sweets, chips, etc. and if i do get hungry, i have a band on my rest that i pull and let go when i do feel hungry, i was already underweight for being 48 kg but now after restricting everything im now 45 kg. i recommend it but it does harm your health.

  6. Good article…but…

    I am no prude when it comes to the F bomb, but I’d like to share your article and I’m not because of it…did you really have to drop the F bomb? Really takes away from your message…too bad

    1. I dont cuss but can see past the authors choice of expression to get the message. The point remains the same- it takes a lot of effort and all of the “lose 50 lbs in a month” articles or programs aren’t sustainable. My favorite was the drawing- I was stuck at a plateau for 2 months and literally was in tears. But decided to tweak a few small things and started to sllloooowwwly lose weight again. I appreciate the authors candid approach.

  7. this article is exactly right on. Fastest weight loss ever: fast for 30 days. You’ll lose 30 pounds. you will look like a bag of bones, like Gandhi after his fast. You will look like shit in private but people will think you’re amazing. You will gain 50 lbs in the next year.

  8. Thanks for the reality check! Everything you said was spot on and made me realize that I know what works for me- I’m just LAZY!! In that I really believe that 30 lbs isn’t that much- but Ive been carrying that (and more) for too long and I want to finally break up with the fat! Thanks for the motivation to quit being a punk and do the right thing! I’m bookmarking this article so whenever I feel like letting loose (usually after losing 10 lbs) I have to read this and remember that the journey is forever! Thanks!!!!

  9. Bro I just don’t want to enter the 80 kg stage.. I’m like a kilo away…

    Can’t someone just switch bodies with me and do the exercise for me?

    1. i stayed at 97kg-94kg for 4 months then it got moving again.
      Just stick to it like a mad dog. Enjoy the fight.
      Im no doc. but in my case it was because I was building muscle on arms.
      Or you cant use less calories without going nuts. or stress. or whatever,
      with persistence your body adapts to new state, and in 1-2 months its gonna move.
      this article says it all. loss is not linear. living things aren’t like mechanical machines.

  10. I enjoyed your article. It’s all very true and to the point. I have lost 73 lbs in 14 months. I’m a female, a month away from being 54 years old and am 5’4″.

    I was very active when I was younger, from the time I was 25 until I was in my early 40’s. I was a nurse assistant for more than 10 years. I was very fit and I weighed 125. After work, I would walk or ride a bike.

    I got hurt on the job, and could no longer do that job. I became a housewife and thus began my rollercoaster ride of weight gain and loss. My injury at work made me very ill for a long time. This is when I gained a lot of weight.

    Last June (2017), I was at a point that I was loathing myself because I weighed so much. By that time last year, I weighed 250 lbs, my highest weight ever. I’ve never forgotten about being 125 lbs and how it felt to be thin. I loved being thin.

    I had a abrupt awakening at that time last year. I was sitting waiting on the train to come after shopping. This man sits beside me. He looks over at me, and says, “It must be sad to be so fat.”. Then he shuddered his shoulders as if I disgusted him and he got up and walked away.

    I was disgusted with myself. I hated the way I looked. I hated being in fat clothes. I no longer looked in the mirror, and didn’t want to be looked at. I was truly miserable. My back hurt all the time, as much as my feet hurt. All my core muscles had become lax. Even standing to do dishes was horrific.

    This was the ultimate kick in the butt to me. I know many women would have been devastated by that man’s words. Not me. It motivated me big time.

    I began eating a combination of Paleo and Ketogenic diets. I don’t follow the diets to a T. I quit eating all sweets. The only sugar I eat in a day is a tablespoon of pure raw honey. I quit eating all processed foods, no more bread, pasta, cereals, eyc. and only eat organic, raw foods now. I began exercising again. At first it was very difficult to exercise more than 5 minutes, now it can be from 45 minutes to an hour.

    I had a bone spur on my heel in one of my feet and it made walking excruciatingly painful. One of my friends told me that I should try taking Magnesium for them. What a miracle that was! My bone spurs melted away.

    At tops, I could only be on my feet for about 20 minutes doing anything. If I was having a bad day (if the weather was bad it affected my feet), it was less time. My jobs since I got injured have been sedentary. And of course, that didn’t help my weight issue.

    Now I can walk for an hour. I bought a bycicle and can do 5 miles. In my younger days, I used to walk 5 miles and ride 15 miles. I started slowly. I incorporated weights 5 lb dumbell weights and 2.5 lb ankle weights into my exercise routine, and started noticing results. I also began an exercise that I’d never done in my life, which is planks. I was wearing size 20 at that time last year. I am now in size 12.

    Weight loss has slowed down quite a bit now. I am now at the point of losing 2 lbs a month. I now weigh 177. My goal is to get down to 135. That’s 42 lbs to go until my goal. I just have to continue to be active and eat right. I don’t expect that last 42 lbs to disappear quickly. But I know I’ll get to my goal in due time.

    Thank you for your article. It was down to earth, and real. Those exercise videos and websites that tout you can lose so much weight in a month are complete bunk. I believe that those videos and websites create an image of being able to lose a lot of weight in a month so that a person can become frustrated with their slow progress and they give up in the end.

    To motivate myself, I would watch videos of people who were big and lost a lot of weight. Those I watched, lost weight over a year. So this made me realize that it was going to be a looong journey for me. I stuck to it.

    The secret to losing weight is to be active and eat right. It won’t be a quick process, that’s for sure. If one incorporates a better eating habit of the right foods and exercising regularly, one finds results over time. And when you get into the habit of eating all the right foods and exercise regularly, you’ll change your whole life. Will power is what we all need to accomplish our weigh loss and stick with it for life.

    I’ll admit that I have had cravings for sweets over the last year. Sweets were my biggest weakness. My boyfriend doesn’t help when he eats those same things that I used to love to eat before, in front of me. Yet, I have stuck to my guns and haven’t slipped up and ate any of the stuff I used to eat.

    The other day, I had a dream where I was devouring a huge, chocolate covered donut stuffed with strawberries. I was loving the taste of the sugary desert and was eating it like it was my last meal. When I woke up, I was actually craving something sweet. I asked my boyfriend to stop eating sweets in front of me. It’s starting to make me want to ear those same bad things all over again.

  11. Love it!!!
    Been dieting since I was 12.
    That’s a laugh!
    I was a stocky, healthy, active kid and was put on amphetamines by my mom to “get skinny”at 12 years old.
    I am now 57.
    Educated. Nurse.
    Tried EVERYTHING!!!
    You helped me see.
    Stop the munching and get to work.
    Fat fairy is not gonna come and suck out my love handles.
    Thanks for this well written article

  12. 14 months in my weight loss voyage , lost 45 pounds
    This article is perfect.

    I started 6ft tall, 260 pounds, and i told myself ” this is a two year job”, be cause i know that i may lose 25 pounds the first two months but then its gonna be 4 a month.

    I weigh everything i found something I can do for a long time, and i will live the rest of my life working like this,.

    so in reality its not a 2 year job, its a forever job. maybe you donòt always need a deficit, but you need to keep in check forever.

    i am now 210 lost 50 pounds in 14 months ,
    my goal is 180 and i know I wont lose even 8 pounds per month.
    Im losing 2lbs-month, at most 4.
    these last 30 are gonna take me another 2 years.
    And that’s okay.
    I had 3 months losing 1 pound PER MONTH
    thats okay
    I had 1 month where i lost 9pounds
    thats okay
    i had 1 month were i gained 2 .
    get your shit together and change food.

    Its physically impossible to get it quick and easy
    Its a multi year job, stay happy, stay chill, stop thinking about food and enjoy your life.

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