How To Eat To Lose Fat Fast

August 8, 2018 | 55 Comments

The concept behind losing fat is simple. I mean ridiculously simple.

In fact, when it comes to scientific concepts, losing fat is as simple as they come, right after where babies come from (and everyone knows the stork brings babies to their parents).

To lose fat fast, you simply have to eat less than your maintenance calories, and the fat will come right off.

However, it seems that the fitness industry wants fat loss to be incredibly difficult. Every year, hundreds of new diets, weight loss supplements, and just all-around bogus information are released. A lot of this information is contradicting, lacks scientific proof, and is simply created to make a quick buck.

There are sooooo many contradicting statements made in the fitness industry that it scares me sometimes. For diets, there’s low carb, low fat, vegan, paleo, Jenny Craig,  Atkins, South Beach, the list goes on and on.

And then there are the guys who argue about the foods you must or must not eat otherwise you’ll fuck up your body. These are the guys that argue about whether or not caffeine is good for you, whether or not egg yolks will raise your cholesterol, or whether or not eating little baby pandas will prevent wrinkles.

Fat loss seriously doesn’t have to be hard, so here’s a guide on how to eat lose fat fast without all the confusing crap. Follow the next steps closely, and I promise that you will lose fat without pulling your hair out.

Fat Loss
Fat loss doesn’t have to be “hair pulling” difficult

1) Calculate you maintenance level calories

Your maintenance level calories  are the calories needed to simply maintain your current weight.

Maintenance calories = Your bodyweight in pounds  * 14 or 15. (Note: this is just an estimate)

Eat at your maintenance level for 3 days. If your weight remains the same, then you are good to go. If you gain weight, then lower your maintenance calories by 100 per day, until your weight stabilizes. If you lose weight, increase your calories by 100 per day.

2) Create a caloric deficit by eating 500 less than your maintenance level calories

One pound of fat is about 3500 calories.

Eating at a 500 calorie deficit will equate to about 1 pound of fat loss per week.

Start with a 500 calories. You can go lower than that to accelerate fat loss, but don’t do it right away. This typically never works and you’ll just end up binging and gaining back the weight.

Technically, you can go ultra low calorie to lose more weight, but you need to be strategic about it.

3) Choose a meal frequency and stick with it

The next step is to choose a meal frequency, which is the number of times you eat per day. Try to keep the number of meals per day the same so that you stay on a consistent schedule and don’t have any unexpected hunger attacks. So don’t eat 2 big meals on Monday, then eat 6 mini meals on Tuesday.

It doesn’t matter if its 1, 2, 3, or 6 meals per day. The whole 6 meals per day theory is complete crap, so just ignore it and choose a meal frequency that fits your schedule and and lifestyle.

Thousands of people have found huge success eating just one big meal per day.

4) Emphasize protein and get at least 0.6 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight every day

Protein is the most satiating macro nutrient, meaning you’ll feel fuller from eating protein than eating carbohydrates or fat. So if you enjoy feeling full after each meal, aim for more protein.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight like all fitness professionals say. 0.6 grams is plenty enough to maintain and even build muscle. However, more protein will not harm you.

The cool thing is that even if you don’t hit your protein requirements for one day, you can just make up for it the next day. Your body has the ability to recycle proteins from previous days so don’t sweat it if you miss a few grams of protein. Just try to hit a weekly average of 0.6 grams a day.

– For more info on the truth about protein. Check out Brad Pilon’s How Much Protein. In my opinion, this is the best book on protein in the industry.

Who said dieting is boring. If you want you can eat doughnuts every day and still lose fat.

5) Take a multivitamin, fish oil, and eat a lots of fruits and veggies

– I also want you to take a multivitamin every day to cover your vitamin and mineral bases.

– For fish oil, aim for 6-10 grams per day.

– Multivitamins and fish oil are the only supplements that I recommend people take. This is because they’re only ones that actually benefit people and are backed with enough science.

– A multivitamin will help insure that you aren’t in any and mineral or vitamin deficiency, and the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil help balance out the omega-6 fatty acids we eat. I currently get my supplements from Prograde Nutrition.

– Also, eat plenty of fruits and veggies. This isn’t because fruits and vegetables have any magical fat burning properties, but they’ll help you feel a bit fuller so you don’t stuff your face with gummy worms and beer. Plus fruits and veggies provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

6) That’s it. Have fun, eat whatever you want, and lose fat

Seriously, that’s it. Were you expecting it to be harder?

I know that this is a very brief outline, but this is seriously all you need to know on what to eat to start losing fat. You can eat burgers and ice cream every day for all I care, as long as you’re following all the steps above and eating in a deficit.

You’re going to have to experiment with what foods work best for you. Some foods make people feel fuller than others, so experiment, and who  knows, you might discover some new favorite foods during your diet.

So there it is, your quick guide on how to eat to lose fat fast. Get to it and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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  1. I’m in pretty good shape, but I’ve always struggled with that stubborn fat that is hard to lose. I’ve always been turned off to crazy diets, so I’m very excited to see this general plan and I’m going to start it asap! Thanks for posting this, and if I get great results, I’ll send you before and after photos. Thanks again!

    1. Cool Geoff. I really hate those modern diets as well. This diet is really as flexible as it gets. Hope it helps, and definitely send me pics of your results 🙂

      1. Hey I just checked this out linked with your Abercrombie workout that I’m about to start it looks amazing! One question will it help loose a little fat on my hips and chest? Thanks

  2. great post. I really enjoy all the info you provide!

    Watch out for what’s called “dieter’s adema” or “starvation adema” from “prolonged” caloric deficit (maybe more than 6 weeks). Under a prolonged caloric deficit, your body will still lose FAT, however, as our bodies lose more and more fat, the fat cells are more or less replaced by water, making it appear as if you actually have lost NO fat, when in fact the fat loss may be progressing normally, but water retention is increasing as well.

    Brad Pilon suggested “re-feeds” (for all you muscle builders out there!) or fasting for 24 hours. Either returning to caloric maintenance level for a few days or the “Eat Stop Eat” program should decrease water retention.

    Bodybuilders actually got it right with “re-feeds”, but the explanation of out of whack amino acids or slowing metabolism is supported by science.

    1. Sean,
      Thanks. I’m glad you like it. I actually remember reading an interview with Brad Pilon saying what you just said and absolutely agree. Personally, I’d rather do one 24 hour fast than do a refeed for multiple days. It’s much quicker and effective.

  3. Hi,

    I am currently in the worst shape of my life and looking for a complete lifestyle change. Would this diet work for a prolonged period of time I am looking to lose about 50 pounds?

    Thank you

  4. Hey Keith,

    I am currently 170lbs and I am trying out the 500 calorie deficit diet. I have a few pounds around my belly but is not noticeable. I am what most would call “skinny fat”. However, I have gained a lot of muscle and mass while working out the last couple of months and have bulked up a lot. So I would hate to lose overall weight. I just want to lose 3-4 pounds from my belly and stay around the same weight I am now. What would you recommend? Please help me out! Thanks.

    1. I’m confused, you say you gained a lot of muscle but you also say you’re skinny fat. That doesn’t really make sense. Can you be more detailed? It sounds like you need to lose fat more than anything else.

  5. Hey Keith, I just came across your website surfing and I find this and many other articles on the site very interesting and usefull. I’m 21 years old and 6,14ft tall. During my schooling period I weighed about 250lb and after 3 months of strict deficit (too much i recon) diet I now weigh 190lb. I still have a bit of fat (and some “empty skin”) on my belly and chest. Can you please give me an advice on how to approach a further loss and slimming program? Thanks!

    1. Well you’ve already dropped 60 pounds and that’s huge, congrats.

      So now you just need to continue with your deficit. If you’ve been dieting for 6+ weeks straight, then it’s probably time to take a short diet break where you’ll eat at maintenance levels at a week to boost up your metabolism.

  6. Hi I am pretty much at wits end! Firstly I really don’t like food, if it came in the form of on pill a day I’d be happy. What I do eat, when I eat is healthy. I don’t eat or like things like cake chocolate sweets biscuits etc. when I do eat I will have vegetables and chicken or fish. I decided to try a food diary and struggle to reach 600 calories a day and often I don’t eat at all, it’s only when I feel a little faint that I think to myself “when did I eat last” and it can be days, then when I then eat I am full after about four or five mouthfuls and just lose interest in it. My stomach is huge and I have put on 56lbs in the last 6months?? I do drink lots of coffee about 8-10mugs a day which I have now tried to reduce, also I hardly sleep or should I say even go to bed where I may finally get to sleep at 5am getting up at 8am. Like with my eating habits I sometimes won’t even bother to get into bed for up to 3 consecutive days. It’s driving me nuts. I have spinal problems due to an accident so exercise is at a minimum, plus as you can imagine I feel drained all the time. I go around like a zombie. I am on very strong meds (morphine) and various other tablets could this be causing my weight gain? Coming off of them is not an option as then I would not even be able to mobilise. Any advice I would sincerely appreciate as I can not keep going on like this, plus the extra weight I keep gaining is making my spine even worse thank you

    1. Wait this doesn’t make sense.

      You say that you struggle to eat 600cals per day but put on 56 pounds in the last 6 months. How is that possible? Yeah your meds could really be messing with your appetite and weight. I would talk to your doctor first.

      1. Hi Keith

        Thank you so much for replying and as you say it really makes no sense what so ever, hence my reaching out in real frustration, despair and quite frankly depression. I know morphine can cause constipation so I have also in this last week taken two bisacodyl tablets each night. I finally opened my bowels after 4 days (it’s meant to work overnight) and it was the smallest amount and nothing since yet the weight continues to go on. Strangely though my face is still slim and well defined ie I have no double chin same with my hands and wrists. My dad keeps nagging for me to see my GP as he knows I truly have no desire for food with what little I eat being all home cooked foods my favourite being Brussels sprouts. Since I have stopped the diet sodas I have to say my stomach has deflated by a good 7 inches but no weight loss. I don’t like Dr’s and go to them even when I’ve had kidney stones I just suffer and hope they hurry up and come out stupid I know, but I can’t help it I just don’t like sitting in a waiting room full of sick coughing and sneezing people (I’m one of the lucky ones I never get colds bugs etc).
        Thank you again for taking the time to reply


  7. I decided to go cold turkey and I binned all my meds, got two days down the road and pain was unbearable but at least I went to the doc’s ! After saying I was an idiot he put me back on all the meds and I will go to see him in two weeks after I have stabilised to try to work out why this is happening to me ……

  8. Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading the articles on your website, they are very informative.

    I have a question about the amount of calories I should eat to gain muscle mass but loss fat.

    I’m 40yrs old, 5’9 and currently at 183lbs. Doing some research, I found out that my ideal body weight should be about 165lbs. I’ve started lifting weights for a few weeks now.

    My question is, if I wanna gain muscle mass, should I be eating at 165lbs plus 500 calories per day or should my base calorie intake be based on 183lbs less 500calories?

    Thanks in advance.


  9. but if you eat doughnuts/biscuits/cake..they take up a lot of calories. Nothing much left?

    I guess to get in calory deficit for an avergae person you need to consume less than 2,000 per day..which isn’t a lot.

    1. Exactly.

      You can’t eat a lot of doughnuts and still feel satiated while still being in a deficit. That’s why 80% of your diet will need to be in more healthy nutritiously dense foods.

  10. Hi, thanks for this great article, however I want to ask you for a way to measure my calories daily intake. Not every fresh product comes with a sticker and I buy my products from a fresh farm market not at Costco or Walmart.

    Thanks in advance

    1. what do you mean by fresh? Most fresh products like fruits or veggies are pretty equivalent when it comes to calories from any location.

  11. With my Respect to this article …i think this is not the whole matter ….actually u didnt talk about any bad carbs that we wanna avoid like white bread and white rice and sugar and these crap …actually if we can take the same amount of calories from veggies instead of bread and rice it will be much more better cuz it is not about just calories its about GI and blood sugar levels…thanks for letting me write a comment 😀

    1. that’s a lie. White bread is totally fine. I don’t view carbs as bad or good. And GI has been extensively proven to be useless.

  12. Hello Keith, I’d first off like to thank you for the basic, no bullshit breakdown of how to start a weight loss regimen… I’ve been weeding through the flashy diet plans and they seem to just cycle into a “buy this/loose weight/daily meal plan ” approach or don’t teach you how to actually build your OWN schedule… However, I was reading the comments on you page and Oscars’ question on the 7th of January peeked my interest… Do you have any reference material on the caloric intake of fresh vegetables, produce and meats you’d commonly encounter at your local grocery store? Of course they are going to be extremely generalized but a small guideline may help… Many thanks!

  13. Hi, I currently weigh 198 and I’m wanting to get down to at least 175 by May 22nd. Is it fine if I eat mainly fruits and vegetables and only like 1000 calories?

          1. Ok, so I’ll do that for a week. But then what should I do after that week? And what types of foods should I eat?

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