Magic Mike Workout Routine: Building A Body That Women Actually Care About

August 16, 2013 | 57 Comments

Magic Mike workout

Don’t judge me.

Don’t you dare fucking judge me for writing a Magic Mike workout article.

Make all the male stripper jokes you want, but this is one article that I know thousands of guys will want whether they publicly admit it or not. I know you’re feeling pressured to get a lean and ripped body like Channing Tatum and Matthew Mcconaughey.

And I know that right now, you’re more motivated than ever to train with 100% intensity especially with every women you know is drooling over Channing Tatum.

I mean, just by looking at some recent tweets, you can see how guys feel about Magic Mike:

magic mike reactions

Listen to what women want

Magic Mike is grossing an insane amount of money, and do you know spent that money – your girlfriends, your friends that are girls, that 40-year old cougar you fantasize about, and just about every women that you’ve ever had contact with.

So it’s pretty damn obvious that women love guys who sport a lean, ripped, and athletic physique. And for all you guys that say Channing Tatum and Matthew Mconahay are too skinny and have no muscle – you gotta ask yourself, why are women attracted to them then?

It’s true, the actors in Magic Mike don’t have massive amounts of muscle. They aren’t professional bodybuilders or even fitness models. But they do have a decent amount of muscle and low body fat levels, which is better than 99% of the male population.

And this is what women want – a guy with decent amounts of muscle and low body fat (10% and below is a great look).

If Magic Mike didn’t spell it out clearly enough for you, I don’t know what will.

And for all those guys trying to get as big as possible by training, eating, and living like a bodybuilder – who the hell are you trying to impress?

From what I’ve observed, the bigger you get, the more dudes you attract.

Some quick Magic Mike workout and diet tips

  • Diet>exercise. Always. No. Matter. What.
  • You hear a lot about celebrities eating 6 meals per day to “keep their metabolism up”, but that’s not necessary at all. Watch your overall calories instead, and you’ll be fine.
  • If you want to experience more freedom when dieting, give intermittent fasting a shot. It’s not mandatory, but it can definitely help, especially if you’re sick of constantly planning your meals and enjoy eating larger meals.
  • This isn’t going to be easy. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. Remember that. If you want a lean and chiseled physique like the dudes in Magic Mike, then you better be prepared to work your ass off like never before. You better be willing to sacrifice. This is going to be a journey you’ll never forget. But in the end, you’ll be glad you did it. Trust me.

3 different workout approaches

Instead of writing one generic workout program, I laid out 3 different workouts below. So just hit the links below to get all your Magic Mike workout awesomeness.

Channing Tatum workout and diet: get lean and ripped

Matthew Mcconaughey workout: get in shape using bodyweight exercises

Joe Manganiello workout: muscle building for skinny guys

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  1. Awesome series Keith. I like all the options, and it’s really cool how you point out how unneccessary it is to be as extreme with diet and training as the actors go to really get results. I agree with you that there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diet and exercise. Consistency in the gym and caloric deficit are where it’s at. I’ve been trying your tips about IF lately in maintaining my lean muscle (girl-version) – it’s really different than my normal eat 6 times a day routine. I like mixing it up! Thanks for all the great information!

    1. Thanks Betty, most people think that in order to look like a celebrity, you have to eat and train exactly like them. While their routines will probably work, they’re just too unrealistic for the average man or woman. Just keep it simple. And good luck on IF, hope it gives you more freedom in your eating schedule.

  2. Great Article!

    Too many guys focus on the big and bulky muscles- but most women would much rather have the lean and chiseled hollywood look.

    One workout tip that has given me some incredible results is Plyometric and High intensity interval training. It has helped me cut my body fat from 9 percent to 5 percent in 6 weeks!

  3. Great workout series about the stars of Magic Mike. As a man I sometimes find myself falling back into the bigger is better mindset when it comes to my physique. I get brought back to reality when I walk by my girlfriend in my boxer briefs and she immediately runs up to grab my ass! Most people really do underestimate first how important diet is and second the effectiveness of short but intense workouts.

  4. Regarding Intermittent Fasting, I have tried and I guess it is not for me. I tend to simple eat more when if IF. When I did daily fasting (8 hour window version) the two meals that I would eat always seemed to be gorgefests. When i did ESE the meal following the fast would be massive. I do not know how to reverse this because the concept of IF is amazing, but if I compensate everytime I do then whats the point? I assume this is the biggest mistake people make when implementing IF.

    1. Yeah, this is one of the small pitfalls of intermittent fasting. Are you tracking your calories? If you’re just going by how hungry you are, then you’re definitely going to overeat. And if you’re doing ESE, try ending your fast later, closer to when you’re about to sleep so you’re less likely to gorge.

      I should do a post on this, thanks.

      1. Because of my weakness, I am thinking of doing a full day fast, meaning eat on Tuesday and don’t eat until Thursday type of fasting. I guess that would be considered a 36-40 hour fasting, whatever it takes to avoid compensation.

          1. I read another article before this one regarding magic mike and what they did to get lean. Besides that fact that they were already lean to begin with, they also ate healthier food the vast majority of the time. This is my other diet weakness: not eating healthier foods. I know that you preach (along with every other fitness blogs that I trust) that all that matters is calories, but the common theme I see with transformations, fitness models, etc.: they all eat healthier foods. That has to matter doesn’t it?

          2. For general health, your body still needs nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. So it’s a good idea to eat whole nutritiously dense foods, 70% of the time. But if you want to eat a doughnut every day or maybe have a couple cookies and it fits into your caloric requirements, then go for it. The guys in Magic Mike took it too the extreme IMO, by cutting out entire food groups like dairy and gluten. This isn’t necessary. You can read up more on my diet here –

    2. for me it has worked great. I can go all day without eating..keep busy, but when I eat…I can fall off the rails a bit. AS long as i fill up on healthy foods it works.

      I love coming from over 20% to less than 14% in one year. Trying to hit 10% is a bit harder at my age. I don’t even think it’s necessary. My days of picking up chicks is well and truelly over.

  5. After I read this, I went to see the movie – btw, I feel like you should be getting a percentage of the ticket sales for writing this post LOL – and despite being distracted by all the muscles and semi-nakedness, I was really intrigued by the difference in the dudes bodies, and how they obviously all prepared in different ways for thier roles.
    I have to say that though Channing Tatum is one of my favorite-looking dudes, I was MOST impressed with Matthew McConaughey’s body. I can’t believe how awesome he looked – for his age, and just health-wise in general. That lean muscle with just the right amount of bulk and how chiseled his face got was really inspiring from a fitness perspective.

    1. What, you didn’t watch Magic Mike for the in-depth storyline? 😉

      And McConaughey is definitely a great shape. Definitely a great role model for the older guys out there.

    2. so of all the movie stars who has the best physique in your eyes? Not just looms but actuall physique?

      I think guys like Hugh Jackman, Stallone, Van Diesel, etc are bit too bulky. Even that guy who plays Captain America is too bulky for my liking.

      Good: Cruise? Daniel Craig, Pitt, Robert D. Jr, McConaughey, etc?

      a womens point of view is good to have.

  6. Is the Channing Tatum workout routine for magic mike suitable for skinny fat guys? not necessarily trying to bulk but gain some amount of lean muscle and losing fat to display abs and get a lean look? it will be my first time training weights.

    1. i think their actual workout is irrelevent.

      work out, lift weights, eat well and watch how much. That’s about it really.

  7. After doing P90X I lost too much weight and am now 10 pounds lighter than Tatum, despite having almost the exact same body genetically. What should I do now?

  8. hey i’ve been doing weights for about 10 months now and ive gained muscle and lost fat but i still dont have the physique i want and i came across the mathew mcconoughey body weight circuit and was wondering if i was to do that should i continue to do weights

    thank you

  9. Hello, I’ve been doing for a couple of months, the Zaz Efron workout and i can tell that it really works! Although, i didn’t get those ripped abs because i couldn’t follow a diet to get the 8%-10% body fat. But i got the other results you mentioned. Great work out man!
    Now, i wanted to change the routine and do other things. Should i go with this routine? do you recomend it after the zac efron one? Or should i keeo doing the zac efron routine?
    And if i do the channing tatum one, will i get the results you mentioned if i follow the excersices and steps you mentioned?

    Great website man!

    1. Great job on the efron workout.

      I recommend sticking with the efron routine. Sounds like you just need to clean up your diet.

      1. And what kind of diet do you recommend? Because i’m not the type of guys that eat a lot of crap, but i also don’t want to stop giving me permissions on weekens (you know, a little bit of beer or some pizza) what could you recommend me? And if i do a proper diet, will i get more ripped? I heard that if you loose fat, the one that’s on you muscles gets lost and you get ripped.

  10. Keith, I’m happy I found your article. My girlfriend would never admit it, but I know she watches Magic Mike for the strippers not the story 🙂 Now I can work on getting their physique. Cheers.

  11. You did an outstanding job with this article. The way that you feed people the real facts, and not what the media tries to portray; is just amazing. keep it up!

  12. Really? Channing Tatum has no leg workout at all? And he eats .6 grams protein per lb per day and looks like that? You recommend no whey protein source and he could never look like that without one. You say:

    ” Take some basic supplements – a multivitamin, 6-10 grams of fish oil per day, and maybe some creatine.”

    Anyone here who thinks Channing Tatum or anyone followed your supplement regime for this movie is either naive or idealistic. Those guys are taking a ton of vitamins like animal, eating a ton of protein, working out every day, eating super high protein diet, and dropping 15 lbs before the shoot.

    You’re so off it’s scary. If he’s not doping he’s at least following a hell of a lot tighter diet than that and working out more than you suggest. Let’s not set people up to be disappointed.


    1. You really think a body like that requires doping? I’m not setting people up to be disappointed, if anything, telling people they need to train 2 hours per day and eat nothing but brown rice and chicken is setting them up for disappointment.

  13. I found an even better workout routine than this to be honest. Here’s how it works – ignore the “muscle wh***s” and get on with your life. You’ll find that women who have higher priorities in men than the number of visible abs they have are much more fulfilling and fun to be around. Besides, they are all made of plastic anyway – try throwing them in a pool and see what happens.

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